81% say Maltese economy is doing fine - Eurobarometer

Concern on immigration rises from 57% in Autumn to 76% in Spring despite lull in arrivals.

A European wide survey shows that 81% -up from 73% in autumn-of the Maltese regard the economic situation in their country as a good.

Only the Germans and the Danes are more positive than the Maltese on the health of their economy.

Despite the lull in arrivals immigration is considered as the most important issue facing Malta by more than three quarters of the population.

Concern on immigration has risen from 57% in autumn 2014 to 76% now.

The Eurobarometer survey also shows concern on the environment, climate and energy issues as Malta’s second most pressing concern, mentioned by 26% (up from 22%) of respondents.  Other concerns are pensions (12%), inflation (11%) and health (11%). Only 5% of the Maltese regard unemployment as a main concern while 6% are concerned with the economy.

Immigration, cited by 23% of Europeans on average, is now the most important concern in four countries: Malta (76%), Germany (46%) and the United Kingdom (35%) and  Denmark (35%).

The Maltese are among the most likely to support for “a common European policy on migration”). Support is most widespread in the Netherlands (85%), Germany (84%), Malta (84%), Lithuania (82%), Luxembourg (82%) and Spain (81%), than in the Czech Republic (52%), Estonia (53%), Finland (57%) and Austria (58%).