[WATCH] Maltese Muslim community protests terrorism, calls for unity

Some 100 protesters gathered at the Paolo mosque to denounce terrorism in the name of Islam, calling terrorists the 'enemy of Islam and Muslims'

(Photos: Chris Mangion)
(Photos: Chris Mangion)
Maltese Muslim community protests terrorism, calls for unity

The Muslim community in Malta held a protest against terrorism and violence, calling the perpetrators of terrorist acts ‘enemies of Islam and Muslims’.

The demonstration took place at the mosque in Paola and was attended by some 100 people, some holding up posters denouncing terrorism.

In a statement read out at the event, the community condemned terrorist acts, saying that these tarnished the true image of Islam and the reputation of Muslim across the globe.

“By their satanic evil crimes, terrorists expose Muslims to hatred, discrimination and suffering,” the community representative said. “The terrorists are killing Muslims physically in Muslim countries and killing them psychologically abroad.”

The community called up the international community to join forces against terrorist and enhance efforts to put an end to suffering caused by extremism and terrorism, pledged their cooperation with the Maltese authorities to prevent and combat any attempts at terrorism.

“The community calls upon all Muslim leaders to exercise social and political justice with their people and to work vigorously to achieve national unity and stability in Islamic countries, in order to defeat terrorism.”

The statement also condemned those who exercise hatred and intolerance towards innocent Muslims.

“Those who hurt innocent Muslims because of terrorism are playing into the hands of terrorist and contributing to achieving their wicked goals to cause conflict in order to recruit more people to their satanic criminal project.”

The statement ended by expressing gratitude to the Maltese for their tolerance and hospitality, and political leaders for affirming the community’s integration in Malta and its contribution to Maltese life.

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