Maltese comedian Steve Hili's unique interactive show is coming back to Malta

This is the second time that Naughty Malta is being performed after a sell out success last year

Maltese comedian Steve Hili is creating a one of a kind show that explores the some of Malta’s most risque secrets in an attempt to prove that when it comes to navigating the world of love, dating, and sex, everyone has had mad, cringeworthy experiences. And that should be celebrated

Naughty Malta, is a sketch show with a difference. The difference being that all the sketches, songs, and stories are based on real Maltese sex confessions! The confessions are currently being collected through an anonymous questionaire and in the coming weeks, Steve will chose the best ones and makes sketches out of them. Sketches which will then be acted out on stage. As Steve explained, “this means that you might be sitting in the audience and all of a sudden you might see your confession being acted out on stage. Except nobody will know that it is your story”

This is the second time that Naughty Malta is being performed after a sell out success last year. The show was so succesful that it spawned a podcast, and now a sequel – Naughty Malta 2.

All the stories in Naughty Malta 2 are brand new. But even though the show is about sex, it is not, as Steve explained.

“The funniest confessions are not the x-rated ones, but the ones that are about being embarrased, getting caught, or just navigating the world of dating and sex.

An example is one of the stories from the first edition. A story about a widow in her 70s who starting dating a man in his 80s who, as their relationship blossomed, asked the woman for a particualr sexual favour. The widow was not sure what her boyfriend meant so she contacted her daughter and asked her to explain. The story isn’t about sex but about the daughter’s shock when she finds out that her mum is still sexually active and her embarrasment when she has to explain to her mum what this new boyfriend of hers wants to do in bed. It had audiences in tears of laughter.

Everyone has had mad experiences when it comes to this sort of thing. Also, it is very liberating to realise that everyone is a little bit weird on their own when it comes to sex. Not only is that fine. It is a worth celebrating!”

Naughty Malta is happening on May 24, 25, 26, 31 and June 1-2 at Theatre Next Door in Maghtab. For more details, join the mailing list at Same website if you want to submit your confession!