eNGO suggests public consultation on AUM land was 'a sham'

Din l-Art Ħelwa says follow-up on preliminary alternative sites evaluation report ‘needed’ before land is transferred to Sadeen Group

Environmental NGO Din l-Art Ħelwa has called for the publication of a follow-up on the preliminary alternative sites evaluation report before the government signs a land transfer deed with Sadeen Group.

The Jordanian construction company will be given land at Zonqor Point and Dock 1 in Cospicua for the development of the ‘American University of Malta’. The project, originally proposed at Zonqor Point, was split on two sites following public outrage at the proposed development on ODZ area.

Din l-Art Ħelwa said government was now forging ahead “without due consideration being given to the alternative sites proposed”.

On 2 November, a meeting of the Permanent Committee for Environment and  Development Planning was convened to discuss the MEPA Preliminary Alternative Sites Evaluation Report on the numerous alternative sites proposed by the public.

At this meeting, alternatives were put forward by those present. Din l-Art Ħelwa said other proposals had not been seriously considered in “the unscientific, and sometimes misrepresented results”.

“The public deserves to be taken seriously, at least by the publication of a follow-up on this Preliminary Alternative Sites Evaluation Report, before the transfer of land is a fait accompli,” the eNGO said.

“If not, then the online site-selection public consultation, the parliamentary committee meeting, as well as the August MEPA report may be considered a sham.”

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