Busuttil guarantees more pollution, higher utility rates – Labour

Labour Party slams Opposition Leader Simon Busuttil for his criticism against gas-fired power station in Delimara

The Labour Party has hit out at Simon Busuttil’s warpath agains the contentious LNG storage terminal at Delimara, arguing that the Opposition’s stand was a guarantee of more pollution and higher utility tariffs.

The floating terminal, which will see a 215MW gas plant and liquefied natural gas (LNG) storage terminal anchored outside Marsaxlokk bay, drew heavy criticism by the PN faithful in the run-up to the MEP elections in 2014 on the basis that the project would pose serious health risks. And on Sunday, Opposition leader Simon Busuttil sought to use the contentious LNG terminal in an attempt to reach out to voters in Marsaxlokk and Birzebuggia.

“The PN will continue protesting against the permanent mooring of an LNG gas tanker at Delimara. We will be there for the residents of Marsaxlokk and Birzebugga, there will be no more empty promises,” he said.

But in a reaction, the Labour Party hit out at Busuttil’s “negative” politics, and claimed that the PN leader “simply does not get it” when it comes to the energy sector.

“Simon Busuttil’s opposition against the transfer to LNG will guarantee more pollution and higher utility bills … The people know that the government successfully manage to reduce pollution after it closed the Marsa power station,” the Labour Party said.

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