In the Press: Justice minister to 'shoulder responsibility' for magistrate's appointment

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An uncharacteristically dry and warm winter has farmers worried about the summer fruit harvest. Some vegetables have been easier to grow thanks to the mild weather, resulting in cheaper prices for consumers, but the harvest of fruit like peaches, pears and grapes is expected to suffer.

The Times of Malta

Former colleagues have accused Valletta 2018 artistic director Mario Philip Azzopardi of threatening artists' access to public funding through the use of his political contacts. Earlier in the week deputy director Sean Buhagiar resigned after a breakdown in the relationship between the two. 


The court has ordered an injunction on the properties received by Marco Gaffarena from the government as payment for the expropriation of the Old Mint Street property.


Teachers and parents of children attending Theresa Nuzzo school and the football nursery in Marsa have epxressed concern at the amount of used syringes found in the area, saying numerous reports to the police have already been made about the issue. 

The Malta Independent

Justice minister Owen Bonnici said he was prepared to take responsibility for the appointment of Caroline Farrugia Frendo as a magistrate and would not be seeking the approval of the Commission for the Administration of Justice.

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