LGBTI Labour laments PN reticence in condemning Church's position paper on conversion therapy

LGBTI Labour questioned why a discussion was needed before PN leader Simon Busuttil categorically stated that homosexuality was not a disease and thus does not require a 'cure'

The LGBTI branch of the Labour party has questioned why a discussion was required within the PN before it stated its position on the Church’s recently published paper on the government’s proposal to criminalize conversion therapy.

Over the weekend, the Church came out strongly against the government’s plans to criminalise conversion “therapies” of LGBT+ people, warning that the Bill “will affirm the superior legal status of homosexuals over heterosexuals”.

In a position paper, it also warned that the law will “make it a crime to assist paedophiles whose condition is manifested in same sex behaviour” and “promote discrimination, disrespect for personal autonomy, and distrust in the accountability of professional bodies”.

When asked for comment, a PN spokesman told MaltaToday on Sunday that the PN had not yet discussed the bill in its parliamentary group.

In a press statement, LGBTI Labour lamented that the Nationalist party had missed an opportunity for political unity in favour of equality.

“It is a shame that in 2016, there isn’t political consensus on the fact that vulnerable individuals should not be subjected to medical or psychological intervention aimed at changing who they are.”

“Does Simon Busuttil need a discussion before stating that homosexuality is not a disease?” the statement reads.

“Does he need a discussion before stating that homosexuality and paedophilia are not related?”

The group expressed satisfaction that PM Joseph Muscat and civil liberties minister Helena Dalli both stated that work on the bill would continue.

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