PN aims to publish environment policy by mid-2016

The Nationalist Party has said it aims to publish its environment policy by the middle of the year

Simon Busuttil
Simon Busuttil

Speaking during a press conference where President of the PN general convention IdeaAmbjent Simone Vella Lenicker presented her report on a recent convention to the environment to PN leader Simon Busuttil, he explained that the report would be used to create an updated environment policy for the party following various public consultations.

Vella Lenicker said that the report included the main feedback from stakeholders so far including the need for a long term policy and approach as well as good governance necessary in the sector among others.

She expressed her hope that more people would participate in the public consultation to create an inclusive policy. "The PN is being clear that there will be no backroom deals in various issues including ODZ," he said stressing that the PN was against this development.

He added that the PN was pushing for the principle to be properly recognized and for clarity in terms of any exceptions to the rule.

He added that the document would be made public in the coming weeks.