In the Press: Ministers want Mizzi to resign but back PM's decision

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Four senior Cabinet members - Louis Grech, George Vella, Evarist Bartolo and Leo Brincat - believe that Konrad Mizzi should resign from his post as minister, saying that an elected official cannot justify having secret financial dealings in Panama.

The Times of Malta

A report by the Commissioner for Voluntary Organizations for 2015 showed that parts of a €50,000 fund were handed out to ineligible entities last year by the ministry for Gozo. 


PN leader Simon Busuttil has called a second national anti-corruption protest as well as calling for the sacking of Konrad Mizzi and Keith Schembri or, failing that, the removal of Mizzi, Schembri and PM Joseph Muscat. 


Minister Konrad Mizzi has filed a libel suit against the Times of Malta newspaper, after it ran a front page story linking one of the alleged shareholders of his company, Leticia Montoya Moran, to a Nicaraguan corruption scandal.

The Malta Independent

The Nationalist party has not excluded the possibility of legal action in a bid to fight a legal notice that restricts the use of billboards by political parties. The PN called this damaging to the freedom of expression. 

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