In the Press: Maltese businessman in Panama Papers linked to Keith Schembri

Stories from today's national papers

Times of Malta

A Maltese businessman, Pierre Sladden, whose name is on the Panama papers leaks has been linked to the Prime Minister’s Chief of Staff in two other companies. The paper reports that Sladden had assigned some $1 million to British Virgin Islands company, and that he also sits on the board of directors of Cinebiss Ltd alongside Schembri’s father.


Nationalist blogger Daphne Caruana Galizia has written a report for European news site EU Observer, to paint a negative image of the country and ‘blow the effects of the Panama Papers revelations out of proportion’, claiming they have caused a national crisis, and endangered the government, the paper claims.

In- Nazzjon

Former Prime Minister Alfred Sant urges energy minister Konrad Mizzi to resign following the revelations of the Panama Papers in a Facebook post. Sant says that his resignation should be a natural step in his personal and political interests and in order to serve his national duty and defend his own reputation.

The Malta Independent

Mossack Fonseca documents reveal 676 that are associated with an address in Malta. The companies have some 227 shareholders in all, as well as 42 clients and 59 beneficiaries. The leaks, consisting of 11.5 million documents, shows that the association to the Maltese address does not necessarily mean that owners or beneficiaries are Maltese themselves.