[WATCH] Incoming deputy leader wants ‘a more balanced’ public broadcaster

Chris Cardona dismisses suggestions he wants people axed from PBS but calls for ‘intelligent balance’ between parties

Incoming Labour deputy leader for party affairs Chris Cardona
Incoming Labour deputy leader for party affairs Chris Cardona
Chris Cardona wants ‘a more balanced’ public broadcaster

Economy Minister Chris Cardona has called for “decisions that ensure equilibrium” at the state broadcaster and refuted suggestions that he would push for people to be fired from PBS.

In the thick of Labour’s deputy leader campaign, Cardona texted party delegates promising “justice with the Labour Party, including at PBS”. In the SMS, Cardona said “decisions are necessary” in this respect.

On Dissett, Cardona also complained of facing “incredible hostility” when he was invited to Xarabank. “I felt I was in a minority, when in reality I am a minister of a government which supposedly should be giving political direction to PBS.”

Questioned by MaltaToday, Cardona played down his comments, insisting that he believed that, as the state broadcaster, the PBS had a duty to present a balanced platform for both parties.

“The reality is far from this balanced picture, and I felt that it was one of the issues that troubled Labour delegates the most,” he said.

Asked whether these “decisions” could potentially mean dismissing people who were currently at PBS, Cardona was quick to dismiss the suggestions and claimed that he wanted to ensure an “intelligent balance” between the parties, avoiding “constant attacks against whoever was in government.”

“I expect a clear and unbiased direction even through a new editorial board set up to safeguard viewers from impartiality,” he said.

PBS already has an editorial board.

Asked about other possible measures, Cardona promised “political decisions” that could have an impact on the PBS but insisted that he was in no position to take decisions in the way the service was run.

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