Air Malta wants police investigation of pilots’ union boss’s cargo claims

ALPA president Domenic Azzopardi claimed users of Air Malta’s cargo services were not paying for the service

ALPA chief Dominic Azzopardi
ALPA chief Dominic Azzopardi

Air Malta has asked the acting Commissioner of Police Lawrence Cutajar to investigate allegations made by pilots’ union boss Capt. Domenic Azzopardi during a meeting with Opposition leader Simon Busuttil.

ALPA chief Domenic Azzopardi was reported as having told Busuttil that users of Air Malta’s cargo services, which he said generated €200 million in turnover, were not paying for the service. “The planes are always full of cargo. Where is the money going?” Azzopardi asked.

“These allegations were never substantiated or withdrawn by Capt. Azzopardi,” the national airline said.

“Air Malta categorically denies these allegations as totally unfounded and are solely aimed to tarnish the reputation of the Company and its employees. The company reserves the right to take further steps following the results of the investigations.”

Azzopardi has long been on the warpath with the airline’s commercial directors since a €230 million restructuring plan started back in 2012. He was a main critic of former Air Malta chief executive Peter Davies.

Air Malta is now seeking the sale of a 49% minority stake to the Italian national airline Alitalia, which is itself 49% owned by the Abu Dhabi airline Etihad.


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