Free bus scheme for 18-year-olds to kick in on Sunday

Youths who turn 18 in 2017 will be entitled to a year's worth of free public transport 

Youths born in 1999 will be able to travel by bus for free for a year starting from the date they turn 18, in a scheme that will kick in on New Year’s Day.

Through the scheme, Transport Malta will refund Tallinja credit consumed during the previous month, each month for a year. Therefore if, for example, a youth consumes €20 in Tallinja credit in February, in the beginning of March, Transport Malta will reinstate €20 on his or her Tallinja Card.

Every individual can benefit up to a maximum of €312 in credit refunds during the year. Transport Malta will refund credit for all routes offered by Malta Public Transport, be they day trips, night trips or special routes.

The scheme will automatically kick in for Tallinja Card holders upon their 18th birthday, while non-Tallinja Card holders will need to apply for the card to benefit.

The free public transport scheme was announced in the 2017 Budget as an incentive for youths to continue using buses and not to rush into obtaining their driving licenses.

More details are available by visiting or calling 80072309.