Abela warns judiciary not to engage in ‘political terrorism’

In a veiled reference to the magisterial inquiry into the hospitals deal that could see Joseph Muscat face criminal charges, Robert Abela prepares the faithful for battle against the ‘establishment’

Updated: PN Justice spokesperson Karol Aquilina's comments

Robert Abela warned the judiciary not to engage in “political terrorism” in a veiled reference to growing expectations that his predecessor could face criminal charges.

Without mentioning Joseph Muscat, Abela referred to the political earthquake of 2019 and accused “the Nationalist establishment” of trying to impede the government’s progress.

Speaking at the party’s European Parliament election launch on Sunday, Abela cast his eye on the “establishment”, specifically those who politically side with the Opposition.

“Justice does not mean political terrorism,” Abela said.

The Prime Minister’s comments come amid growing speculation within legal circles that the magistrate responsible for the hospitals inquiry has passed on her findings to the Attorney General. The magistrate would have recommended criminal action, if at all, to be taken against key players. This would most likely include Muscat.

Last year, a landmark civil judgment struck down the Vitals Global Healthcare and Steward Healthcare deal, describing it as “fraudulent”.

The court ordered that the three hospitals - St Luke’s, Gozo General and Karin Grech - be returned to government control.

“In 2019, they thought they would stop this party from continuing to work for the country,” Abela said. However, this was not the case, he added.

“We chose the road of responsibility; to build on the good and fix where needed. The establishment, which manoeuvres in the shadows, wanted to stop the party at the time. And we responded with unity and responsibility,” Abela said.

Claiming that the Nationalist establishment believes it has a divine right to power, Abela said that justice does not have political motives.

“Justice does not mean political terrorism. Honest justice and politics do not live together, and true justice does not come about when the establishment tries to stagnate the government.

“During the pandemic, the establishment thought it could use the global crisis to hold back the economic progress of our country… but they found us united as a party and, above all, united as a population.

“And then, when the country revised its financial systems, the establishment believed that it could ruin the occasion… all the establishment thinks about is to cause.

“Who knows how much the establishment is still trying to get back at those who stood by me and helped me. Because the establishment is cruel… it does not forgive and it does not forget.”

Muscat and Abela's evil deal - Karol Aquilina

Posting to Facebook, PN MP Karol Aquilina slammed Robert Abela for “trying to intimidate the judiciary.”

Criticising the Prime Minister for trying to avoid justice, Aquilina – the PN Justice spokesperson – called for Abela to explain his judiciary fears.

“Robert Abela should say why he is scared and worried about the judiciary’s work,” he wrote.

After re-iterating the Nationalist’s faith in the justice system, Aquilina cast a shadow on Abela’s relationship with Joseph Muscat.

“Robert Abela’s irresponsible speech is a result of the evil pact he made with Joseph Muscat.”