PN condemns Muscat’s appointment of l-Orizzont editor

PN: 'Josef Caruana's employment at Castille proves that Joseph Muscat's talk about national unity was nothing wbut empty words'

The Nationalist Party has criticised Prime Minister Joseph Muscat’s decision to employ L-Orizzont editor Josef Caruana in an as-yet unspecified deal.

The PN in a statement said that Caruana had sowed division when he penned editorials that “ferociously attacked” critics of the Labour government.

“Muscat’s appointment to a job at Castille proves that Muscat’s calls for national unity are nothing but empty words put on for show,” the PN said. “Muscat has shown that he had completely supported Caruana’s editorials all along, because instead of condemning his behaviour and disassociating himself from him, he has rewarded him with a job at Castille.”

Josef Caruana recently came under fire for penning two editorials in the GWU-owned daily newspaper L-Orizzont that called for the resignation of journalists who have criticised the Labour government.

He singled out four journalists from the Times of Malta and the Malta Independent for “writing false stories and messing up facts…so as to hinder Maltese progress”.

“As Joseph Muscat said, we must all come together for the sake of national unity, so that Malta becomes the best country in the world,” he said. “We cannot achieve this noble aim if we are being weighed down by traitors and the diabolical establishment.

“The time has come for reconciliation and unity, but before this can happen the cleansing process must begin. That way we can continue heading towards our country’s best days.”

He told Newsbook on Friday that he has been given a new job at Castille, but that he doesn’t yet know the details of it.

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