National masterplan on developments needed, says PD

'Malta and Gozo are being consumed by a run away building spree', PD alleges

PD is urging the government to develop a national masterplan on large-scale development projects.

The Private Member's motion on the masterplan aims to guide planners on suitable developments in the hopes of creating a “sustainable, environmentally friendly economy”.

Areas in Gzira, St.Julians, Paceville, Sliema and Pembroke have been victim to fragmented, incomplete planning that left their skyline filled with skyscrapers, says PD.

Residents are therefore being robbed of airspace, public land and an overall higher quality of life at the expense of systematic divestment.

The masterplan motion is being put forward in light of the fact that no Design Review Panel has been established after requests from Chamber of Architects. The Design Review panel plans to work with designers and developers to map out infrastructure.

It is a shame, the PD reiterates, that while countries like France are seeking UNESCO world heritage status for their historical skylines, Malta’s skylines continue to be consumed by “a haphazard skyline”.

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