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Labour candidate Thomas Bajada echoes Abela claims on Vitals inquiry

Labour candidate for Europe Thomas Bajada echoed words expressed by Prime Minister Robert Abela’s speech that alleged a magistrate had conspired against the Labour Party in an inquiry recommending criminal charges against former Labour leader Joseph Muscat over the Vitals hospitals privatisation.

Bajada was questioned about whether he was worried about the use of “very dangerous” rhetoric used in the Prime Minister’s press conference on Monday, at the Ewropej2024 debate hosted by MaltaToday and Lovin Malta.

“I’m going to ask another question – what do young people want? Definitely not to go to court, but that when or if they do they get justice. Justice for everyone, without prejudice or any type of doubt,” Bajada said.

“We saw that the magistrate lengthened an inquiry of 60 days to four and a half years without disputing the fact there were many details that need to be analysed…

“We’re in a situation in Malta where sensitive things are becoming politicised. Such an important and sensitive inquiry was concluded in the middle of an electoral campaign. Me, as a youth, it hurts me because I felt that I was going out for the elections to talk about important elements that affect youths.”

Moderator Matthew Vella intercepted to say that the same thing can be said for the timings of the presidential pardons that were given to those who benefitted from the social benefits racket.

PN candidate Louise-Anne Pulis added: “and the cheques, and social housing”.

Bajada claimed the Vitals inquiry was being turned into tribalist politics. “Instead of spending the next few weeks speaking about what Malta needs from the EU, we’re going to be confronted with tribalism politics. And that hurts me.”

Independent candidate Conrad Borg Manche, mayor of Gżira and a former Labour mayor, interjected: “Tribalism is the thing that hurt this country the most… every election I can remember of has been centred around the corruption of the other party. The elections get won because of the corruption of the party before. Malta cannot remain a country with two parties fighting while we have to pick the best out of two evils.”

ADPD candidate Sandra Gauci strongly censured Abela’s comments calling them “irresponsible, if not criminal”.

The debate was organised in collaboration with LovinMalta, MaltaToday, Ewropej, and MCAST.

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