Joseph Muscat: The opposition needs to get its act together

The prime minister will be meeting UK investors tomorrow in a bid to convinve them to move their operations to Malta post-Brexit.

Joseph Muscat, who was speaking on One Radio, said that employment was a major factor in the country’s - and the Labour Party's - success. "We are living in a time in which work is looking for people, rather than people looking for work," he said.

"I know I am a salesman," he said, "and I will continue to be a salesman if this is what brings results. [Foreign investors] bring work to our country and employ Maltese workers.This is part of my job - and I will continue to do it."

When asked to comment about the research that showed up on the front page of some newspapers this morning showing that support for the Labour party had increased since the general election by a margin of about 75,000 votes, the Prime Minister said that this result would only push him and his team to work harder. "I am not interested in celebrating numbers," he said, "the more support we get, the more responsibility we have to shoulder."

"We will continue to show our appreciation by working more. We are not perfect, but it is our love for the country that keeps us going even in the face of criticism,"

"I am satisfied with the fact that, despite all the noise happening right now, the people can see through it. They don't take things at face value - they know who is lying and who isn't,"

The Prime Minister said that he had predicted what would happen with regards to PN leader Adrian Delia and his rebel MPs. "I had said that if Delia does not ask for an inquiry, those around him will. The most respectable thing one can do in this case is to ask the courts for an inquiry,"

"The motion is clearly against Delia, and the opposition needs to get its act together on a few things,"

"This week, something happened which, due to the circumstances we are in, wasn't given enough importance,"

Despite talk of good governance, the Prime Minister said that Dr. Jason Azzopardi was caught in a lie and should take responsibility. "It should be the leader of the opposition who should take measures against Dr. Azzopardi."

"When I say that the opposition needs to get its act together, this isn't a cliche or something I say liberally. We all need an opposition which we can converse with even if we disagree,"

The Prime Minister said that both the government and the public need a strong opposition, even just as a point of reference. "[In parliament] I look in front of me and wonder if there's anyone I can speak to at all."