Wied iz-Zurrieq designated a 'White Flag' beach

Malta first island in the world to have a 'White Flag' beach, a status given to beaches which are free of litter 

Malta is the first island in the world to have a beach given the 'White Flag' status
Malta is the first island in the world to have a beach given the 'White Flag' status

Wied iz-Zurrieq has been given the status of a 'White Flag' beach, which will see divers performing a clean-up of the sea bed in the area, removing any plastic and waste which might have accumulated there.

Beaches are given a 'White Flag' status when they are certified as being completely free of litter.

Addressing a ceremony on the occasion, environemnt minister Jose Herrera said that Wied iz-Zurrieq's nomination as a White Flag Beach highlighted its important role in the conservation of marine sites around the island.

Herrera pointed out that Malta currently has a third of its waters designated as Marine Protected Areas or Special Protection Areas.

The Minster said that by 2018, Malta will be nominating 30% of its beaches and seas to be assigned the status of Marine Protected Areas, in a drive towards the protection and conservation of caves and reefs.

By 2020, management plans for 14 Marine Protected Areas will be developed, amounting to a space of 3,487 square km.

The minister thanked Prince Albert of Monaco and the CEO of White Flag International for providing the opportunity to the country, and thanking them for helping in the protection of the Maltese biodiversity.  

EU Commissioner Karmenu Vella emphasised the EU's excellent track record in safeguarding water environments.

“The clean-up will give an excellent contribution to the conservation and protection of the Maltese and European coast lines,” Vella said. 

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