Schoolchildren to start receiving fruit and veg on Monday

Parliamentary Secretary for Agriculture Clint Camilleri announced the launch of an EU-funded scheme to bring fruit, vegetables, and milk back into schools

A new scheme will ensure that schoolchildren begin receiving fruit, vegetables, and milk again at school.

The scheme is co-financed by the European Union and is valued at €900,000. It will, for the first time, absorb all the costs of providing milk to schools.

The EU school fruit, vegetables, and milk scheme was delayed in Malta this year, as it was meant to commence before the beginning of the scholastic year in 2017.

Children attending public, private, and church schools will benefit from fruit and vegetables which were chosen according to suggestions by parents and educators, Parliamentary Secretary for Agriculture Clint Camilleri said.

The scheme is meant to encourage the consumption of fruit, vegetables, and fresh milk among young students, while also educating them on agricultural products. Schoolchildren will also be receiving soup during the summer months.