Technology was 'reducing mortality rate', Steward Healthcare boss tells Muscat

Joseph Muscat has met with Steward Healthcare investors in Boston and was made privy to their technology and their systems before they are to invest in St Luke's, Karen Grech hospital and the General hospital in Gozo

New technology and technology for maintaining updated patient records, and which are to be introduced at three Maltese hospitals by their new operator coould "significantly reduce mortality rate".

In a visit to Boston yesterday, Prime Minister Joseph Muscat met with Armin Ernst, president of Steward Healthcare International, which earlier this year obtained hospital concessions  for running St Luke's, Karin Grech and the Gozo hospitals. The company is the leading private hospital operator in the US.

Muscat was shown the latest technology used to keep and maintain patients' medical records.

These systems," Ernst said, "are significantly reducing mortality rate."

Steward Healthcare President Armin Ernst (left)
Steward Healthcare President Armin Ernst (left)

Muscat was shown around the private hospitals in the area and company representatives explained the practices employed and the technologies currently available. At St Elizabeth's Medical Center in Boston, Muscat met with medical staff who had already visited Malta and Gozo, and who explained what technologies could be useful in Malta. He was also told about the investment being made with regards to Malta's hospitals.

Steward Healthcare has already invested in 18 new patient transport vehicles that will be deployed from St Luke's, Karin Grech and the Gozo General Hospital. The latter was also furnished with a missing rapid response unit. The vehicles will be replacing older ambulances which date back to the 90s. 

Steward Healthcare employs 40,000 professionals in the US and Malta.

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