Updated | Former Labour minister Vincent Moran passes away

Vincent Moran, former Labour minister for health, passed away at the age of 86 • He has been dubbed by Prime Minister Joseph Muscat as the father of health services in Malta

Vincent Moran passed away at the age of 86
Vincent Moran passed away at the age of 86

Updated at 4.48pm with Alfred Sant statement

Former Labour minister Vincent Moran, dubbed by Prime Minister Joseph Muscat as the father of Malta's health services, passed away early today at the age of 86.

Moran was a family doctor by profession before entering the political arena in 1962 when he was first elected to Parliament.

He was re-elected in every subsequent election and was the minister for health under Dom Mintoff when doctors went on strike in 1977. He had piloted changes to the health services, which included a requirement for doctors who had just graduated to serve two years in the public health service after receiving their warrant.

The dispute lasted 10 years, and at one point government had locked out doctors who went on strike. Things took an ugly turn when a letter bomb sent to Edwin Grech, a doctor and a strike breaker, exploded, killing his daughter Karin.

Moran went on to serve the Labour Party under Karmenu Mifsud Bonnici and Alfred Sant.

Prime minister Joseph Muscat said on twitter that Moran would always be remembered as the father of health services in Malta.

In a statement, the Labour Party said Malta had lost a gentleman politician who always worked hard in favour of the worker. He had also continued to see patients as long as his health permitted.

The Nationalist Party's also in a party statement, described Moran as a dedicated family doctor who had a social conscience.

This was clear from the help he gave to the weak and vulnerable in society. "Our country has lost a doctor who was a living example of dedication to the medical profession."

'I admired his decision to resign'

Former prime minister Alfred Sant had words of praise for Moran, describing him as an affable and astute politician, who successfully managed a ministry during a difficult period.

Sant also recalled Moran's resignation from Parliament in 1995 after church newspaper Il-Ġens had revealed that the Paola doctor gave women who asked for it, advice on abortion. Sant was then Labour leader.

"I remember him at the time when Fr Joe Borg, who was then responsible for RTK, organised a sting operation against him [Moran]. We had a calm but very difficult discussion. He [Moran] took the decision to do what was in the best interest of the Labour Party. I admired him," Sant said.

"But I also recall, time after that incident, when I called him to inform him that the PL decided to appoint him a lifelong member of the party," Sant said, adding that Moran's contribution to the PL and the country "will not be forgotten".


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