Updated | Adrian Delia’s Twitter account suffers cyberattack, PN claims

The Twitter account of Malta’s Opposition leader suffered a cyberattack from ‘different places across Europe’, according to the Nationalist Party

Adrian Delia's Twitter account under attack, PN claims
Adrian Delia's Twitter account under attack, PN claims

Unknown individuals tried to gain access to the profile of Opposition leader Adrian Delia on Twitter, the Nationalist Party said on Thursday.

The party claimed this afternoon that Delia’s Twitter account suffered a “cyberattack” from “different places across Europe”.

“The people responsible for the PN leader’s social media pages took immediate steps to safeguard the accounts under attack,” the party said.

A party spokesperson told MaltaToday that Delia's Twitter account is equipped with a two-step safety verification system, which was receiving multiple login attempts. The spokesperson said that Twitter had confirmed that multiple attempts had been made from a number of locations across Europe, including France, Belgium and Luxembourg. Efforts to obtain a the precise location for each login attempt is underway, the spokesperson added. 

In its statement, the PN claimed the attacks were the latest in a series against Opposition leader. “It is clear these are coordinated and malicious attacks against Adrian Delia and the party.”

The PN tried to link the attack to Delia’s strong opposition to the government’s transfer of public land on the cheap to the Corinthia Group and the State hospitals concession to VGH. 

However, the attack also came at a time when Delia is facing internal opposition from some of his MPs and functionaries, who want him out.

In its statement, the PN failed to mention Delia’s internal troubles, insisting instead that he was determined to remain “the people’s voice and will continue defending the people’s interest”.

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