Customs sniffer dog Peter finds €26,000 on passenger

A man heading to Tunisia declared that he was carrying €9,000 in cash but searches uncovered €11,000 in the man’s luggage and a further €15,000 stashed in his underwear

Peter the customs sniffer dog
Peter the customs sniffer dog

A man was stopped from boarding a flight to Tunisia after customs officials found that he was carrying €26,000 in undeclared cash on Monday morning.

It was the customs sniffer dog Peter that raised the alarm bell. The dog is trained to sniff money.

Officials then asked the Libyan national what amount of cash he was carrying, to which he replied €9,000. However, given the dog's reaction, customs officials then conducted a search on the person and his luggage.

The Libyan man was going to board the early morning flight to Tunis.

Searches yielded €11,000 in the man’s luggage, with a further €15,000 stashed in the passenger’s underwear.

The police economic crimes unit were called in and the man was arrested for further investigation.

In an effort to curb money laundering, EU law allows any amount to be carried while traveling, but obliges the declaration of any amount over €10,000.

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