Farm waste illegally discharged into Gozo sewer

Incident could have jeopardised multi-million-euro investment as Water Services Corporation warns of drastic action against perpetrators

Liquid farm waste in Gozo was illegally discharged into the public sewer (File photo)
Liquid farm waste in Gozo was illegally discharged into the public sewer (File photo)

A large quantity of liquid farm waste illegally found its way to the Gozo sewer following heavy rainfall this week, the Water Services Corporation said.

The corporation said timely action by its workers prevented damage being done to the sewer system but operations at a slurry treatment facility for farm waste have been suspended until Monday as works are underway to recover the waste.

“This incident could have jeopardised months of work and investments of a multimillion-euro nature; including the recently repaired submarine outfall and diffuser,” the WSC said on Thursday.

Farm waste cannot be discharged into public sewers, and the WSC has repeatedly informed people not to dispose of waste that is not human toilet waste and degradable toilet paper in the public sewer system.

The WSC said farmers in Gozo now have access to a state of the art slurry treatment facility, which provides “a sustainable solution” to dispose of such waste.

The corporation added that it is beefing up its enforcement sections, including live monitoring equipment and warned that perpetrators will face “drastic action and will be held responsible for any damages sustained to its infrastructure”.

The assistance of the police will be sought as required, the WSC said.

Any suspected foul play or problems with the sewer can be reported to the corporation on Freephone: 8007 6400; email: [email protected]; Website live chat:; or through the corporation’s social media platforms.

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