[WATCH] What do people think of the new Prime Minister?

We went to Valletta on Monday morning to ask people what they thought of Robert Abela as Malta's new Prime Minister

Prime Minister Robert Abela
Prime Minister Robert Abela

We went to Valletta on Monday morning to ask people about what they thought of the new Prime Minister and Labour leader Robert Abela.

Abela went head-to-head against Chris Fearne on Saturday, winning by a strong margin, obtaining 57.9% of the vote to Fearne's 42.1%. It was considered an upset in that Fearne had been second-in-command to Abela's predecessor Joseph Muscat and had led in the polls up to election night. 

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While Abela was being sworn is as Malta's 14th Prime Minister at the Palace in Valletta, we asked people on the street what they thought of him and what their expectations were.

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In his first words as Prime Minister on Saturday, Abela said: "Robert Abela has not won and Chris Fearne has not lost. This is a win for the Labour Party."