Armed men attack Libya's National Congress

The Congress was discussing the UN-issued Libya Dialogue Draft | Unconfirmed reports say one congress member was seized

Armed men are reported to have stormed the General National Congress (GNC) in Tripoli yesterday as it met to discuss acceptance of the amended Libya Dialogue Draft and to propose names for the posts of prime minister and deputy prime minister.

It is reported, but unconfirmed, that those behind the attack are Dialogue opponent Salah Badi, Sami Saadi, and Abdurraouf Al-Manaie.

The Libya Herald also carried unconfirmed reports that at least one member has been seized, named as Abdulgassem Gzeit, a prominent support of the Dialogue.

The document under discussion was distributed by UN Special Envoy in Libya Bernardino Leon on Sunday and the deadline for its approval was Thursday. 

The draft included amendments suggested by the GNC regarding the formation of the Supreme State Council and the occupation of military positions. but it still met with opposition, boh within and outside Congress, as well as the House of Representatives.

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