Theresa May to stay as PM until at least 2020, ally predicts

May will continue to succeed as PM amid rumours of successors

Theresa May
Theresa May

British transport minister Chris Grayling has predicted she will remain in the job until at least 2020.

Grayling has been one of the PM’s closest confidantes during her administration.

The minister argued May’s success will continued because “she commands the overwhelming support of the Conservative Party”. May’s authority has been going downhill after she lost her parliamentary majority in June’s election.

Reports of ministers fighting for the job continue to resurface, as hopefuls strive to become May’s successor.

Grayling however did not rule out May fighting another election.

"Who knows? We'll see further down the road what happens, but ultimately I think it will be her choice, as it should for any prime minister about how long they want to serve."

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