Billy Graham, famous Christian evangelist, dies aged 99

Billy Graham, one of the best-known promoters of Christianity, died at his home in North Coralina

Reverent Billy Graham became a counselor to American presidents
Reverent Billy Graham became a counselor to American presidents

Reverend Billy Graham, famed Christian Evangelist, passed away on Wednesday aged 99.

Graham was one of the best-known promoters of Christianity, beginning his worldwide mission in large arenas in London in 1954. He transformer American religious life through his breaching and activism.

He was also a counselor to presidents.

He died at his home in Montreat, North Carolina, a spokesman for the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association said.

He long suffered from cancer, pneumonia and other ailments.

In a 60-year career, he is estimated to have personally preached to 210 million people.

Graham reached millions more through TV - the first to use the medium to convey the Christian message on that scale.

Graham became a committed Christian at the age of 16 and was ordained a minister in 1939.

He went to United States where he held a two-month ministry in a giant tent in Los Angeles in 1949.

Graham avoided the scandals which dogged some contemporary televangelists through the decades.

In 1983, President Reagan gave Graham the presidential medal of freedom, America’s highest civilian honor. When the Billy Graham Museum and Library was dedicated in 2007 in Charlotte, George HW Bush, Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton attended.

Graham will be buried by his wife, Ruth, at the eponymous museum and library.

Reacting in a tweet, President Donald Trump called him a special man.

He wrote: "The GREAT Billy Graham is dead. There was nobody like him! He will be missed by Christians and all religions. A very special man."

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