ADPD sees rise in abstentions as opportunity for future elections

XTRA on TVM | ADPD will try to entice voters who abstained in voting for it as it eyes an improved performance in future elections, Sandra Gauci says

Sandra Gauci speaking on TVM's Xtra
Sandra Gauci speaking on TVM's Xtra

ADPD views the higher abstention rate in general elections as an opportunity to improve its performance in future elections, newly-elected chairperson Sandra Gauci said.

"Nearly 70,000 people did not vote in the last election, and these numbers are growing, according to surveys. We are living in a historical moment," Gauci said during an interview on Monday's episode of TVM's Xtra.

Gauci expressed her belief that the party is currently experiencing a significant and historic moment, deviating from the usual political landscape. She noted that they no longer face the heartbreak they once did, attributing this change to the evolving political dynamics.

"If we had encountered the same numbers as before, I, Sandra Gauci, would not be here. I would have considered it a mission impossible, as the duopoly always emerged victorious. But now, the situation is different," added Gauci.

Despite the challenges, Gauci expressed her courage and determination, fueled by the increasing disengagement of the people from traditional political parties.

Gauci was elected ADPD chairperson last month, replacing Carmel Cacopardo who after last year's general election had announced that he would be stepping down.

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