YoBetit signs Malta’s number one badminton player Matthew Abela

Matthew Abela - Malta's very own badminton star, will be representing YoBetit during his attendance at a number of international tournaments this year

Matthew Abela
Matthew Abela

The Maltese player and brand ambassador for Yobetit is making his way to the top with an international ranking of 656th. Matthew is focusing on improving his ranking to make it to the top 300 in men’s singles category by the beginning of next year.

Yobetit will be providing the advancing player with the added boost he needs to grow and improve as a player. With the financials out of the way, the 20 year old will be able to focus on improving his technique and remain focused on what truly matters; playing the game.

Matthew Abela grew up with sports at the centre of his day to day life, so it was inevitable that he would excel in sports. His father played badminton at a national level and carried on to coach the sport. A number of his family members also played badminton and some still play today. It was early on in his life that Matthew’s badminton career began. His father had signed Matthew and his brother up for a ‘badminton summer club for juniors’ organised by Joanne Cassar. Matthew has since established himself as the best player in Malta and intends to keep moving forward. 

Matthew hopes to continue on as number one, while proudly representing the Yobetit brand. His resilience is inspiring, so there is no doubt that he will continue on to master the sport. Couple his determination with the support from Yobetit and the possibilities are endless.

When speaking with Matthew, his determination to excel is exuded through his words. The player shared that his main aim is to improve as much as he can by working hard in the Centre of Excellence to take him to the ‘next level’. Yobetit is doing their part to make his dream come true.

Yobetit is a friendly company with a hard-working team, and they made me feel welcome from the first meeting we had together,” Matthew said; “We already have a good communication together and I am looking forward to growing with Yobetit and getting more results thanks to their help.”

Matthew also caringly took some time to give aspiring players some advice, he emphasised; 

 “If you have the opportunity and you are willing to work hard, take it. Learn as much as you can, but most of all have fun and don’t give up on your dreams.”

Yobetit CEO Nikolai Livori strongly feels that Matthew’s attitude and approach resonates well with the Yobetit brand. He said;

“Matthew is hard working and dedicated to achieving his dreams, which epitomises the Yobetit brand. We are so glad to be able to help him on his journey towards success.  We wish him all the best, and we are doing everything we can to help him succeed.”

This year will be a challenging and exciting year ahead for Matthew. With the support from Yobetit, and hard work and determination, he will be able to soar through the tournaments. The next tournament you will see Matthew competing in is the Latvia International on 31st May, which will be covered by Yobetit. So, look out for the Matthew Abela, he will be wearing the Yobetit brand with pride and competing until the very end.


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