10 good luck charms from around the world

The Powerball jackpot has rolled and reached €259,000,000. We’ve decided to provide you with an intensive list of several good luck charms. You know, just in case you might want to stock up on all the luck you can get

We’re not just talking about the well-known four leaf clovers and horseshoes here…

First up: the bamboo.

In Chinese culture, the bamboo represents money, luck and achievement. What’s more, in feng shui, it’s said that if you set a bamboo plant in the southeast part of your home, you will have better luck.

The hamsa

The Hamsa is said to discourage bad luck and encourage good luck. It is usually worn as protection against the evil eye.


Yes, you read that one correctly. It is said that presenting a person with an egg is considered to be lucky as they are a symbol of both rebirth and fertility. In England, presenting someone with a white egg is considered lucky but a brown egg is said to bring both luck AND happiness. We’d like a dozen brown eggs please!

Carp scale

In Poland, it’s customary to eat carp on Christmas eve. It’s also customary (kind of) to keep the fish scales in your wallet throughout the following year, to bring prosperity and good fortune. Just make sure they’re in a different pocket to your lottery ticket!

The dream catcher

In Native America, it was believed that a hanging dream catcher would hinder any negative images entering one’s dreams. It rapidly became a common symbol for good dreams as well as good luck!

The four leaf clover

What kind of ‘good luck charms’ list doesn’t feature the four leaf clover? None! One of the most famous symbols for luck in the world, the four leaf clover was said to have been brought by Eve when she was forced to leave paradise, as a good luck charm.


Yes, acorns. The English used to carry dry acorns as protection during the Norman Conquest. The acorns were, at the time, considered to be a symbol of power, luck and prosperity.


Again, another very well known symbol of good luck. It’s believed that if pointed upwards, your luck will be kept in. However, if it’s left pointing downwards, one’s luck will all spill out.

Cat’s eye

In India, carrying a cat’s eye stone is said to protect your wealth. It’s believed that the stone will help to shield a person from unforeseen business losses and help to attain financial stability.

Finally, the caduceus

In Greece, the caduceus is said to warn off sickness and bring about peace to any and all situations. Therefore, they consider this to be a great symbol of luck!


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