7 Benefits of remote working in Malta

Remote working is certainly on the rise as more and more employees are demanding flexibility with their schedule. Here are just a few benefits of remote working in Malta

Workers want to be able to complete their duties at times and places of their choosing - and the latest data suggests that Maltese employers are beginning to get on board.

The newly-updated “Living and Working in Malta” report by the EU’s Eurofound agency included an annual survey regarding HR developments in 2018. It found that 52% of surveyed Maltese employers had adopted working from home or remote working policies, while 71% had introduced flexi hours. Considering these benefits were rated as the third most important in a study reported on two years ago, this is a big step in the right direction.

Now, the general benefits of remote working are well-known. However, there are several Malta-specific advantages too. One company that’s very aware of this is Cashcow, a Maltese digital marketing firm that offers fully remote working positions all year round. Here are seven ways remote working makes life in Malta so much easier.

Avoid the daily jams

While skipping a daily commute is probably the most common perk of working from home, this is especially useful in Malta.

Despite numerous road improvements that have either been completed or are in the works, the country’s age-old issue with traffic jams just seems to persist. Driving is an absolute nightmare for many commuters, and if you’re unlucky enough to work where there’s no dedicated parking, then this adds salt to the wounds.

However, the latest figures suggest this might actually get worse. That’s because the last three years of data shows that “the rate of increase in licensed vehicles of all types is some 32 vehicles a day”, as Michael Falzon explained.

Therefore, remote workers in Malta have a big headstart over others before they even start.

Free from flooding

If you happen to be commuting during heavy rain then the inconvenience of traffic jams may be the least of your worries. As we all know, Malta doesn’t take to rain overly well - with unwanted/unplanned flood plains quickly saturating the roads and making some impossible to pass. In the worst cases, it’s even possible for offices to flood if they happen to be in an unfortunate location.

Remote working, again, takes all the pressure away. That lashing wind and rain might be an inconvenience when sleeping, but there’s no threat of having to actually battle through it to start your day. The only issue is that your lunch plans may be disrupted - although you can always just order in instead.

Soak up the sun

As Malta is famous for its beaming sunshine during the majority of the year, remote working gives you the possibility to actually enjoy it rather than being stuck inside. You can venture out to the island’s vast array of cafés and restaurants whenever you please, with many offering outside space to work.

Of course, unless you are very well acclimatised then it’s not really advisable to work outside during the summer months. Even so, remote working still has its advantages, as this flexibility makes it much more viable for many to cool-off with a quick swim at lunchtime, for example.

Escape to Gozo

Taking a break on Malta’s favourite “sister-island” is made a lot simpler when you can work from anywhere. At an on-site job on the main island, you’re pretty much required to either wait for the weekend or use up your vacation days to enjoy a stay overnight - unless you’re prepared for a monster commute the following day.

With a work from home position, you can choose to flip all that on its head by venturing across the channel mid-week. This pretty much guarantees you a much quieter Gozo than at the weekend, so you can enjoy the real Gozitan way of life.

Parental flexibility

If you’re a parent then working from home offers immense benefits. There’s no need to worry about who’s looking after the kids before you leave the office, and you’re much better positioned to deal with school problems if any occur.

While sick days are not exactly fun or easy, they are much more manageable as there’s no need to make last-minute arrangements. For happier times, you can plan your working days around school holidays - possibly even taking trips abroad without eating into your holidays.

Daily errands

Need something fixing? Expecting a delivery? Anyone living in Malta knows that these situations are most likely to happen during the day. Anyone living close to their workplace may be able to quickly nip out, but not everyone is punctual. With a remote working job, there’s no need to worry as you can simply get on with your tasks until they arrive.

Even a flexi hours role can make things a lot easier here. For example, you can run your own errands - such as going to the bank - before or after work which saves a lot of hassle trying to beat the queues at the weekend.

Increased productivity

Now, this one is a bit contentious. Despite studies suggesting that remote working can produce better results, many companies still have concerns about work rate - while some people openly admit that distractions at home are too difficult to overcome. However, if you’re the type of person that relishes this kind of work then it often does produce better results.

Cashcow is a great example of this. It’s been a fully remote working company from the first minute, but has only enjoyed success with this policy. Its signature brand - Casino-Professor.com - is a multilingual website that compares online casinos and bonuses so that players can find the most fitting sites. Despite launching in 2017, Casino Professor tasted success by winning at the iGB Affiliate Awards 2018 less than a year after going live, and it has since enjoyed substantial growth in several markets.

Yet, this has all been achieved by a team of predominantly Malta-based workers who are given the flexibility to work remotely at all times. It’s a move that’s clearly paid off and puts to bed any doubt that remote working can be hugely beneficial for both company and employee.

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