Scott Dixon returns to jail, and raises ire of Malta Boxing chief

Malta Boxing Commission chief hits out at German federation for sanctioning fight between boxing champ Scott Dixon - back behind bars for breaching bail - and Baker Barakat in Malta next August.

Scott Dixon has forfeited a €30,000 bail-bond and has been returned to jail for breaching his bail conditions
Scott Dixon has forfeited a €30,000 bail-bond and has been returned to jail for breaching his bail conditions

Malta Boxing Commission chief Alexander Zammit has hit out at the German Federation for sanctioning a fight between boxing champion Scott Dixon - back behind bars for breaching bail - and Baker Barakat in Malta next August.

In a statement published on the WBA website and all other European Boxing Federation sites, Zammit says that while the world media is focusing on the issues surrounding the proposed Dereck Chisora vs David Haye in London on July 14th, a not too dissimilar scenario has been unfolding in Malta.

Zammit said that unlike the case of Dereck Chisora or David Haye where no criminal charges have been instigated, former Commonwealth champion Scott Dixon - the subject of the drama unfolding in Malta - has been on bail since 2009 awaiting trial for the alleged importation and distribution of narcotics.

But Scott Dixon has been re-arrested last weekend for breaching his bail conditions. "The incorrigible former commonwealth boxing champ, Scott Dixon, is back behind bars. Information supplied to the office of the Malta Boxing Commission indicates that Dixon was arrested for breaking his bail conditions. Unconfirmed sources also informed us that Dixon's bail bond was withdrawn before he was re-arrested," Zammit said, adding that the former champion who has been residing on the island since 2005 is awaiting trial in connection over the alleged importation and attempted distribution of cannabis since 2009.

He was eventually released on bail, and has now forfeited a €30,000 court imposed bail-bond. Zammit said that hours before Dixon was arrested early last Saturday morning, he was acting as a corner-man for the organisers of Malta's 'Prize Boxer', an eight-men unsanctioned boxing tournament based on the 'Prize Fighter' concept.

Sources at the competition's ringside placed Dixon at the tournament into the early hours of Saturday morning (from Friday night), well beyond the parameters established in his bail conditions by the local courts. "This latest episode in the Dixon saga may have put paid to Dixon's comeback plans," it was explained.

According to the German based 'World Boxing Union' Scott Dixon was to take on Baker Barakat (champion) for his WBU super-middleweight title on the 18th August in Pembroke, and sources from within the WBU confirm that this bout is being sanctioned by the German Boxing Board (BDB).

On the other hand - The Germans are presently condemning very strongly and labelling as controversial a contest between David Haye and Dereck Chisora at West Ham on July 14, sanctioned by the Luxembourg Boxing Federation (LBF).

But just as Chisora and Haye do not hold a valid license with the BBBofC or the BDB - neither does Scott Dixon hold a boxing license with the Malta Boxing Commission (MBC). "As a matter of fact he was refused a license by the MBC until such time as the Maltese authorities either declared him innocent of the charges against him or such charges are dropped," Zammit said.

He hit out at the BDB who saw it fit to sanction the Malta show, and "one has to assume that if this show were to happen this would also be done under a German Boxing License as Dixon's license was suspended by the BBBofC before he took up residence in Malta."

In my opinion the proposed Barakat - Dixon fight is much more condemnable than the Haye - Chisora fight," the Maltese boxing federation president said. If the Luxembourg Boxing Federation is to be condemned for supplying the legality for the Haye - Chisora proposed fight, the Germans should also, at the very least, be equally condemned over the Barakat - Dixon scheduled fight.

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