European Super League: Number of clubs looking to withdraw after facing widespread criticism

The European Super League has faced a global backlash after its announcement on Sunday

Fans protesting outside Stamford Bridge on Tuesday
Fans protesting outside Stamford Bridge on Tuesday

A number of football clubs who enrolled to compete in the European Super League are set to leave following widespread criticism against the proposed competition.

The Super League announcement on Sunday, made by 12 founding clubs - including Manchester United, City, Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal and Tottenham from the Premier League - has been met with criticism from players, managers, former stars and fans alike.

According to reports, Chelsea are preparing documentation to withdraw from the league, with other clubs like Manchester City, Manchester United, Barcelona and Atletico Madrid joining the blues in withdrawing from the competition.

Official announcements are expected in the coming hours and days.

Around 1,000 Chelsea fans protested outside their stadium Stamford Bridge before their Premier League match against Brighton on Tuesday night.

Earlier, United Kingdom Prime Minister Boris Johnson met with the Football Association, Premier League officials and fans' representatives, after which the government said it will take "whatever action necessary", including legislative options, to ensure the proposals were stopped.

Johnson's stance is supported by Labour and the Liberal Democrats.

A statement released after a meeting between the Premier League and the 14 clubs not involved said they "unanimously and vigorously" rejected plans for the competition.

It added that it is considering "all actions available" to stop the competition and asked the six teams to end their involvement immediately.

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