Golden Buckle barrel race in Malta as 100 riders compete for €150,000 in prizes

Over 200 horses and 100 European and American riders will be in Malta between 13-16 October at the Malta Fairs & Convention Centre for the Golden Buckle, the largest barrel race in European history

Golden Buckle, the largest barrel race in European history, will arrive in Malta this October at the Malta Fairs & Convention Centre, a state-of-the-art facility that will be transformed into a barrel racing arena.

Over 200 horses and 100 European and American riders will be in Malta between 13-16 October. World Champions will join in this 4-day competition where winners can take up to €150,000 in winning prizes.

Barrel racing, a fast-paced timed event, challenges the paired team of horse-and-rider to run a clover-leaf pattern around 3 barrels as fast as they can. It’s an event that keeps you on the edge of your seat much like horse racing.

The sport’s top riders are so close in their times that an electronic timing device calculates their times to the thousandth of a second! The anticipation arises until they announce the time. When a “New Leader” occurs, the energy through the stadium is electric! You will want to make sure you have a seat reserved so you don’t miss it!

The sport is particularly popular in the USA, especially Texas, but has gained attention in Europe, with Italy being the biggest market for the sport, followed by France, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic. The Malta eventwill feature a number of world champion riders as well as other participants from 10 countries, including one from Malta.

The races will be complimented with a number of satellite events where one can meet the riders and other equestrian enthusiasts from across the world. The arena will be transformed into an equestrian centre which will also host a food court, a large VIP stand, and a chillout area.

Throughout the event, you will watch competitors of all ages competing in their specified categories, Junior, Youth, Ladies, and Open Barrel Racing, as well as another timed-event called Pole Bending, just as a bonus to make the experience even more fun!

Whether you are just learning about barrel racing or you are a professional in the equestrian industry, the Golden Buckle Barrel Race has much to offer, with food, entertainment, beautiful horses, and talented riders.

The event will be streamed live on a number of international linear and digital platforms in Malta, Europe, America, and Brasil.

Golden Buckle Malta is being organised in collaboration with Visit Malta, the Malta Tourism Authority, the Ministry for Tourism, Equestri Malta, the Ministry for Education and Sports along with other supporting partners.

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