Sebastian Vettell considered future during 2014 struggles

Vettell ‘’went through a period of disillusionment’’ in 2014; set to make Ferrari debut on Sunday at Jerez

Sebastian Vettell
Sebastian Vettell

Former Red Bull driver Sebastian Vettell considered his career as an F1 driver during a period of ‘’disillusionment’’ as a result of the sports’ new regulations.

Vettell had started 2014 on the back of four successive title victories, but the first year of the sports’ new turbo era witnessed a sudden slump from grace for the 27-year old German as he failed to win a single race in a full season for the first time in his career.

Vettell stunned the sport by activating a release clause in his Red Bull contract and opting to sign for Ferrari for the new season, bringing to a close a very long relationship with the energy drinks.

Speaking ahead of Vettells’ debut on Sunday, old Team Principal Christian Horner said that such was his disagreement of the new regulations, that he went through a period of reflection as to whether he should continue his career in the sport.

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