Indonesia street race set to join MotoGP calendar

Indonesia is set to join the MotoGP calendar in 2021 with a new street circuit in Lombok.

Indonesia should form part of MotoGP's calendar in 2021
Indonesia should form part of MotoGP's calendar in 2021

A delegation by MotoGP promoter Dorna, including series chief Carmelo Ezpeleta, visited the island three weeks ago and a formal announcement is expected later on Saturday.

The contract for construction of the track has been awarded to Vinci Construction, which has been allotted a land of 131 hectares surrounding Mandalika, a business area located in the southern region of Lombok island.

Vinci will also serve as the chief investor of the race, with the French company's contribution expected in the region of €900million.

Should the track be constructed in time, it would mean MotoGP will finally secure a place in one of the world's largest two-wheel markets.

Ezpeleta first hinted about hosting a street race in Lambok last year.

"It is possible that there is an urban circuit in MotoGP," he said.

"There is a solid project in a warm city.

"In theory, a straight of the track will be urban and the paddock will be covered, integrated in an exhibition centre.

"Thus during the grand prix it will be used for the race and the rest of the year for many other things."

Finland and Mexico have been vying a spot on the MotoGP calendar for some time but were not included in the 2019 schedule, keeping the race count at 19.

"Until 2021, we will certainly not make more than 20 grands prix a year. From there, we'll see," Ezpeleta told Autosport.

"We have many demands for circuits that want to celebrate a race. Those who have contracts will respect them, but from there they will have to negotiate."