Waterpolo: Aurelien Cousin resigns as Exiles Ferretti's coach

Maurizio Mirarchi appointed as replacement

Maurizio Mirarchi is the new coach of Exiles
Maurizio Mirarchi is the new coach of Exiles

On Monday 31st March, Exiles Senior Coach Aurelien Cousin submitted his resignation to Club President Andrew Paris, which was regretfully accepted by the committee. The Committee would like to thank Aurelien for his commitment and dedication towards the club and its waterpolo teams throughout the two and a half years when he was at the helm of the Senior team, as well as giving a very valid contribution to the junior squads, in various capacities.

Aurelien was instrumental in drafting in a large number of youngsters into the Senior squad, a policy which is in line with Exiles’ approach that “ if you’re good enough, you’re  old enough”. Cousin will remain close to the heart of Exiles, both in respect of his five consecutive Summers as a foreign player as well as his coaching years. The Club wishes Aurelien Cousin the best of luck for his future.

On Friday 4th April, Club President Andrew Paris agreed terms with Italian Coach Maurizio Mirarchi to take over the Senior Team from the end of April. Mirarchi has 15 years coaching experience in Italy’s top division having coached, amongst others in Rome, Lazio, Bogliasco and Acquachiara.

His last commitment was with the National Federation where he took the Italian University Waterpolo Team to Kazan, Russia last Summer for the University Games. Mirarchi is also involved in the coaching courses organised by the Italian Federation. The Club wishes Maurizio the best of luck in the task ahead.

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