Maltese softball team wins European Cup

Mediterraneo Softball Team win European Women’s Softball Championship Pool B after winning all nine matches in Czech Republic

The Mediterraneo Softball Team, a Maltese team, have made history by winning the European Women’s Softball Championship Pool B after beating the host team from the Czech Republic 8-0.

The squad faced teams from Croatia, Serbia, Poland, Slovenia, Denmark, Czech Republic and Spain. The team played a splendid tournament winning all nine matches, the highlight of the team’s performance being an 8-7 win in a thriller against Sant Boi, of Spain.

The team won its final match against Czech Republic’s Storms with an impressive 8-0 win to scoop the European Cup,

Mediterraneo ST was set up in 2015 by Michele Tarabuso who also owns the Serie B Caserta Softball Team in Italy. The partnership has given young Maltese girls the opportunity to play and experience softball at the highest levels in Europe.

Mediterraneo’s win promotes the team to the European Premier Cup, the top women's softball championship in which the winner will be considered Champion of European.

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