Overseas Swieqi win to pull away from Falcons

Overseas Swieqi had their three International players return from the game against Gibraltar. Falcons after a feisty display against Stompers last week,were hoping to continue on their winning streak but found a tough Swieqi in very good shape.

Rugby Malta
Rugby Malta

But from the kick off Overseas got into their stride playing with width and pace. Stivala(13) scored after some left right action from a poor Falcon's defensive kick that did not go out, he put the ball down 15 metres from the touchline, Briffa 's (10) kick falls short.  Overseas 5 Falcons 0.

Falcons played  with very high energy, but could not match Overseas who were moving the ball rapidly from side to side of the field. Cassar(8) bursts upfield on the far side of the ground, but the final pass goes into touch. From  the lineout Groves crashes over from 10 metres to the right of the posts.  Overseas 10 Falcons 0.

Overseas worked their way upfield to earn a penalty close to the Falcon's tryline, from a quick tap and go Cassar(8) scored just to the right of the posts. Briffa converted. Overseas 17  Falcons 0.

Falcons won a penalty near the Overseas tryline, attempted a quick penalty but the ball was stolen by Harvey(7) and he raced upfield over the halfway, but as he tried to offload he lost the ball and a promising play breaks down. Oliever Gaudin(14) for Falcons has a run down the touchline but the move fizzled out with no support. A long range penalty from Falcon's 10 Drinu Vella drifts wide, they can't get on the scoreboard.

From an Overseas lineout on the 22 Jeremy Della(5) scores under the posts. Briffa converted. Overseas 24 Falcons 0.

From the restart Cassar(8) burst through the Falcon's backline, offloading to Harvey(7) stepping left then right, gives it to Briffa he weaves his way through and scores. Overseas 31 Falcons 0.

Falcons are receiving a master class from Overseas on how to move the ball quickly and into space. From a long Falcon's kick Corcoran(15) throws a long pass infield to Chris Borg(11) he steps left and wrong foots the defence, straightens up and goes through to score next to the posts. Briffa(10) converts  Overseas 38 Falcons 0.

Falcons tried long passes to get the ball out to their speedy outside backs but the ball is being dropped, from a scrum 10 metres out from the Falcon's tryline.  Briffa has a stab at the line and carries two tacklers over with him to score. He converts his own try.

Overseas 45 falcons 0.

An unattractive passage of play around the half way, has both teams dropping the ball and firing out grass grubber passes that nobody can catch.

The last try of the half has the Overseas Big Boys in the backline pop passing to each other, Cassar to Harvey to Groves who then scores out in the right hand corner, Briffa is on target from way out there. Half time it's Overseas 52 Falcons 0.

Immediately Overseas are on the attack in the second half, Briffa tries to grubber through but treads on the ball instead. Too many times with a two man over lap out wide the Overseas inside backs cut back in and away from the support, leaving at least another three tries out there. But Cassar(8) scores injecting some pace into a backline move, he touches down about 15 metres in from the corner flag.  Overseas 59 Falcons 0.

In succession tries are scored by Mark De Vink after a dropped ball by Falcons was run back at them. Briffa converts Overseas 66 Falcons 0.  Cassar (8) offloads to Andrew Schembri (4) after taking the ball to the gainline. No conversion.  Overseas 71 Falcons 0.

Overseas are injecting pace into the backline with their big forwards showing some good skills. Groves scores his hat trick, showing just how quick he is down the far touchline and scoring in the corner. Overseas 76 Falcon 0.

Chris Borg shows a quick pair of heels down the touchline, brushing off some would be tackles to score in the corner.  Overseas 81 Falcons 0.

Substitute Peter Debono (21) scores from a pick and go, five metres out from the Falcon's line. No conversion.  Overseas  86 Falcons 0.

Muphimhizda is yellow carded for an infringement, he out of the game for 10 minutes.

The final try of the game has Man of the Match Groves(1) putting his winger Chris Borg(11) in for a try by drawing the last line of defence with quick hands.  Briffa converts and it is Overseas 93 Falcons 0.

Falcons kept their heads up for the duration of the game even though it was hard going at times for them, but the experience they gained from playing against International players will take them forward for the future.

Referee Killian  O'Brien blows for full time, he nominates Dan Groves as Man of the Match.

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