Brussels opens infringement against Malta over lucrative yacht lease VAT system
We are nominated! #MaltaFiles nominated for European Press Prize investigative reporting award
Serbian magnate Dragan Solak outed by MaltaFiles over tax avoidance, is Malta’s newest citizen
Global press tracks down taxpayers abroad, but finserv institute says ‘no secrets in Malta Files’
Scicluna on revealing UBOs: Do it with European legislation, not leaks
Our role as journalists
[WATCH] Election Chat | The Malta Files: what's the big deal?
Bannister, the Malta files and tax avoidance
Malta Files: PSG’s Edinson Cavani saves on tax for image rights
Erdoğan’s son-in-law set up Malta accounts to avoid millions in tax
Political ‘rivals’ in Malta Files: ‘I will defend them as well’, Muscat says
Fiduciary companies, Bannister must go to save Financial Services sector -AD
‘Nothing offshore about Malta’: Muscat vows solid defence over Malta Files
‘Malta Files a result of Muscat’s inaction on Panama scandal’ – Busuttil
Malta Files articles 'the tip of the iceberg,' Cassola warns
People ‘close to PN’ feature in Malta Files, Muscat claims
Scicluna: ‘Parties should stand together to counter Malta Files attack on fiscal regime’
What are the Malta Files?
Matthew Vella
Russian billionaire’s fast loan empire uses Malta to pay peanuts in tax

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