People ‘close to PN’ feature in Malta Files, Muscat claims

Prime Minister Joseph Muscat says he will not use Malta Files for political gain, claiming a number of people close to the PN are featured in the documents

Prime Minister Joseph Muscat:
Prime Minister Joseph Muscat: "I will defend our country."

Prime Minister Joseph Muscat said today that he was informed that a number of people close to the Nationalist Party would be featured in upcoming reports to be published in the Malta Files.

“Despite this I will not be using such reports for political gain because no one should be happy that these accusations are being levied against Malta and our fiscal system,” he said.

The Labour leader said there was nothing in the Malta Files that was actually secret but the reports were still an attack on a fiscal system that has been in place since Malta joined the European Union, and had been in fact approved by the European Commission.

“The Maltese fiscal system includes information sharing arrangements that are in fact regulated by the OECD and that affects legal companies registered under a legal system,” he said.

Muscat insisted this was a time for the country to come together to present a united front and safeguard Malta’s fiscal system.

“I am prepared to work with the opposition towards rebuilding a consensus on this issue,” he said. “It is our duty to defend our country and I – for one – will be defending our country.”

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