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Farah Abdi, a Somali refugee, is a MaltaToday blogger who works as an interpreter for NGOs in the field of migration.

He was born in south central Somalia at a time when the country was divided along tribal lines. His mother moved him out to neighbouring Kenya at the age of three, where he was educated.

In 2012, he left the country, fearing for his safety due to his sexual orientation and religious beliefs.

His journey to Malta was the most challenging experience he has had to face, travelling through Uganda, South Sudan, Sudan, the Sahara desert and Libya, where he was imprisoned five times in Libya for being an undocumented migrant.

He credits his mother for his strong character, his education, and his sense of self-worth.

He loves music, acting, fashion, and writing, and hopes to pursue a degree in international relations and also publish a book. He also works at a restaurant in Senglea.

[WATCH] Migrants sleep rough to renew ID cards • Minister says system is ‘inhumane’
National 12-01

Migrants sleep out at night to apply for their e-residence card as public service is only available to them on one day of the week - Friday

[WATCH] Malmström: ‘We’ll never have a Mare Nostrum unless member states decide to finance it’
Blogs 05-11

I met European Commissioner Cecilia Malmström in Brussels while being hosted for a discussion migration: her answers show that the great effort for EU policy-making still lies with the decisions that national governments take

‘Integrate, work hard, don’t give up’
National 01-10

The Maltese must try to understand that multiculturalism is now becoming a global phenomenon - Marie Louise Coleiro Preca

Integration removes the barrier
Blogs 10-06

Cultural orientation and language classes go a long way in making migrants less of strangers

Life on a 12-month lease
Blogs 29-04

Migrants granted subsidiary forms of protection have no avenue of becoming Maltese citizens, but they still live without any form of security when their international protection has to be renewed every 12 months.

Integration is about respect and admiration too
Blogs 22-04

Political leaders must use their position in society to foster harmony. And as migrants we need to do our part to contribute to our host community

In Malta, as a citizen of the world
Blogs 15-04

In Libya, human rights violations were the order of the day.

A ticket to run away from home
Blogs 08-04

The cheapest round-trip airline ticket from Nairobi to London is $565 (€412). What in the world would force people like myself to spend thousands of dollars, and risk our lives to come to Europe?

Fighting prejudice takes self-worth
Blogs 01-04

I have dealt with weight issues and my sexual orientation. But racial discrimination remains a problem for people in my situation

Since 1951, rights for refugees remain sacred
Blogs 25-03

As we enter a new phase both in conflict resolution and international relations in the 21st century, we need to build on foundations like the Convention to prevent history from repeating itself. 

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