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Is Malta a ‘mafia state’? We polled people on five sets of perceptions
Data & Surveys 20-11

Poltical party allegiance weighs heavily on people’s judgement 

MaltaToday Survey | Muscat’s trust rating at all-time high as Delia flounders [FULL DATA]
Data & Surveys 20-11

The party in government has seen its share of the vote increase by 3.4 percentage points to 49.8% when compare...
How the Maltese government spent over €2.5 million in social media ads
Data & Surveys 07-11

[INFOGRAPHIC] By far the biggest and consistent spender on Facebook and Twitter ads is the Office of the Prime...
MaltaToday Survey | Delia suffers trust deficit among PN voters
Data & Surveys 08-10

MaltaToday’s first trust barometer survey since the June 2017 elections finds Joseph Muscat’s trus...
MaltaToday Survey | Trust gap puts Muscat 29 points ahead, Labour with 25-point lead
Data & Surveys 08-10

50.9% of people trust Muscat, whereas only 22.1% of respondents trust Delia, a MaltaToday survey has found &nb...
MaltaToday Survey | Concern on corruption drops by 22 points
Data & Surveys 07-09

Increase in concern over immigration, crime and over-development as political fatigue sets in and corruption d...
MaltaToday Survey | 55% cannot choose between any of the PN contenders
Data & Surveys 28-08

More than a third of PN voters and 55% of those interviewed cannot choose between the candidates on offer for ...
Almost half of Maltese tourists use coaches while on holiday
Data & Surveys 24-08

Surprisingly the survey shows that respondents in Malta (47%) and Cyprus (44%), both of which are surrounded b...
Malta’s average temperature increased 1°C in 70 years... and experts warn of more frequent heatwaves
Data & Surveys 22-08

While awareness on the impact of global warming-driven climate change is not scarce, global efforts to counter...
Electoral returns show persons of trust donating cash to MPs
Data & Surveys 16-08

Elections 2017 in expenses MaltaToday collected all available returns deposited by sitting MPs with the E...
MaltaToday Survey | 29% hire a sun bed but 55% want fewer of them
Data & Surveys 03-08

Going to the beach is an integral part of Maltese summer life, to the extent that 77% go to the beach at least...
Surveys call election but not scale of Labour victory
Data & Surveys 04-06

An extrapolation of MaltaToday’s latest survey after removing undecided voters and non-voters ...
MaltaToday Survey | Labour 5 points ahead as ‘no replies’ increase
Data & Surveys 01-06

22% of respondents are either undecided or refuse to reveal their voting intentions up from 19% last week
MaltaToday Survey | Labour voters more likely to attend mass meetings
Data & Surveys 31-05

While 39% of respondents who will be voting for Labour in the next election attend mass meetings, only 29% of ...
Saturday election outcome hinges on the ‘undecided’
Data & Surveys 31-05

Surveys published during the weekend confirm that a majority of decided voters are opting for the PL but all s...
MaltaToday Survey | PL still leads by four points, Muscat trust by five
Data & Surveys 29-05

The latest MaltaToday survey shows that 19% of respondents are still undecided or did not reveal their voting ...