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Adapting to population pressures
Editorial 13-08

Though essentially unrelated, waste and security seem to be intertwined: the first is a question of increased population pressures from both residents and non-residents, the second, a matter of better policing

Mixed messages on Brexit
Editorial 10-08

Either we are doubtful that Brexit will happen, or we are poised to take maximum benefit from a Brexit that wi...
A new phase of environmental awareness
Editorial 06-08

It is no longer just random voices in civil society calling for more awareness of such issues: the wider popul...
Beaches are meant to be ‘public domain’
Editorial 03-08

While the authorities are right to clamp down on such abuses, it remains a fact that such basic rights as &lsq...
Trapped by our own trapping policy
Editorial 30-07

The ECJ’s opinion validated much of the criticism already levelled at Malta, both locally and internatio...
No rollback on Aarhus
Editorial 27-07

What matters is not just that information is provided to those interested in a particular permit as clients or...
A criminal complaint too far
Editorial 23-07

'As the person caught red-handed opening a secret company, it should be Keith Schembri to prove Busuttil&r...
The PN’s dilemma: continuity or change?
Editorial 20-07

The Nationalist party is caught, as in a vice, between the opposing forces of ‘change’ and ‘...
The cost of overdevelopment
Editorial 16-07

If we are to preserve our natural heritage and conserve our urban tradition – which would entail a stric...
A day of celebration and protest
Editorial 12-07

Fears that the new law would somehow affect the way people can legally talk about family relations – to ...
Breaking our addiction to cars
Editorial 09-07

We are reaching a point where existing solutions no longer serve their purpose
The Last Supper, but not the last controversy
Editorial 05-07

What this case has revealed is a deep and widespread misunderstanding of ‘freedom of expression’ a...
The civil liberties minefield
Editorial 02-07

The Nationalist Party is already committed to support the bill by its electoral programme: to vote against the...
‘Bringing down the government’ should not be the Opposition’s aim
Editorial 28-06

The allegations which prompted the early election remain, as yet, unproven. If it transpires that they were in...
A chance to pull our socks up
Editorial 25-06

This legislature opens at a time when its services are most needed. Unfortunately it also opens under a cloud ...
Now is not a time to rush
Editorial 22-06

Leaders can be easily and quickly chosen, but to come up with a genuinely inspiring political agenda is a diff...