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Nobody deserves to die
Editorial 18-10

Daphne Caruana Galizia’s murder was a cold, calculated and barbaric act that has shocked the nation

A ‘feel-good’ budget, but at what cost?
Editorial 15-10

Over the decades the budget has evolved into something more pervasive than its original purpose; governme...
Edward Scicluna’s strategy pays off
Editorial 10-10

Not many finance ministers have the luxury to present budgets, which turn up a fiscal surplus... Edward Sciclu...
A manifestation of prejudice
Editorial 08-10

That such a motion could even be considered a politically sagacious move, in the climate of Malta today &ndash...
A question of meritocracy
Editorial 05-10

The government’s silence about the recent revelations concerning John Bundy is indicative of the general...
Public scrutiny long overdue
Editorial 01-10

The announcement of a Public Appointments Act is both timely and highly commendable; questions however remain ...
Mutiny in the Opposition
Editorial 28-09

Certainly it is not ‘unusual’ for incoming party leaders to face internal dissent among warring fa...
An inauspicious start
Editorial 24-09

On 7 September – a week before his election – Delia said that co-option to Parliament was “n...
Delia’s baptism of fire
Editorial 21-09

It was certainly no small feat to win the PN election under such circumstances, but Adrian Delia faced ub...
The Simon Busuttil era
Editorial 17-09

The standards to which he tried to hold the PN in place are still there, and still in demand. It now falls to ...
The danger of unopposed government
Editorial 14-09

In a speech intended to commemmorate his first 100 days in office, Prime Minister Joseph Muscat gave a broad o...
Every day is like Sunday
Editorial 10-09

MaltaToday's editorial: With Malta’s economy transforming at a fast pace, there is now a very real d...
The race isn’t over yet
Editorial 07-09

The result of Saturday's first round of voting in the PN leadership election was an eye-opener but can we ...
‘Building the Railroad’
Editorial 03-09

More than 20,000 foreigners have come to Malta in recent years: according to the JobsPlus director, “att...
A leadership debate, or a civil war?
Editorial 30-08

It is tragic that the ‘something’ in question would be a declaration of war by Nationalists agains...
Road safety is everyone’s responsibility
Editorial 27-08

Experience also shows that a combination of education and strict enforcement yields results. Let us not wait f...