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The national curriculum should reflect today’s reality
Editorial 23-03

A more holistic national curriculum should place Ethics as a compulsory subject in all schools

ITS should pave the way to land reforms
Editorial 21-03

Public space is one commodity we do not have in abundance, and can ill afford to lose
Quotas are a means, not an end
Editorial 16-03

Quotas will not automatically solve all problems - genuine change can only be brought about by the involvement...
Party financing needs a serious reform
Editorial 14-03

The flaws in the Party Financing Act point to possible areas of action
An unholy alliance
Editorial 09-03

Maltese MPs are part-timers and depend on private practice. Most MPs have conflicts of interest, especially th...
Catching up with women’s rights
Editorial 07-03

 Malta still lags very far behind the rest of Europe in a number of cardinal points
Of inquiries and reports
Editorial 02-03

There is an urgent need for a truly independent and fully autonomous judiciary, imbued with investigative powe...
‘Warnings’ might not be enough
Editorial 28-02

Faced with an apparently widespread disregard for road safety, the government must ramp up its efforts for mor...
Upping the battle against crime
Editorial 23-02

Perhaps we should start talking about reforming the police force not just in terms of collective agreements an...
Press laws: the debate starts
Editorial 21-02

We welcome a debate on this media law, though it would be preferable if both government and Opposition co...
Time to reform press laws
Editorial 16-02

There can be no doubt that libel suits are a weapon in the hands of the powerful
The real threat to democracy
Editorial 14-02

The undisguised nepotism that has dogged Joseph Muscat’s first term has severely eroded public trust in ...
Blaming the interconnector is not good enough
Editorial 09-02

It is Labour’s failure to deliver that is now the issue
Even better than the real thing
Editorial 07-02

If there is one basic rule of journalism, it is that unverified facts should never be published
Disintegrating the integrated | A joint editorial by MaltaToday, Times of Malta, the Malta Independent
Editorial 01-02

A government policy designed to break people into submission or destitution, pushing people to live in a state...
The proof of the (environmental) pudding
Editorial 31-01

If the Nationalist Party is elected and betrays any of its pledges, it will have given civil society plenty of...