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Far from a pristine house | Is-Suza, Stephanie Sant & Martin Bonnici
Theatre & Dance 14-08

Oliver Friggieri’s haunting tale ‘Ir-Ragel Tal-Klieb’ will be getting a film adaptation courtesy of Shadeena Entertainment. Teodor Reljic speaks to the three creatives behind it – ‘Is-Suza’ (director), Stephanie Sant (writer) and Martin Bonnici (producer) 

Bite-sized comedy for a bite-sized island | Steve Hili
Theatre & Dance 01-08

The show’s title may be self-explanatory, but how it came about is not. Teodor Reljic speaks to comedian...
Get Your Act Together playwrights chosen
Theatre & Dance 12-07

Two local playwrights have been selected to work with international mentors and have their scripts funded
Shakespeare: Still on Point?
Theatre & Dance 12-07

Shakespeare’s work has been around for centuries – but is it still as relevant as it always was? H...
‘Gayer than Strait Street’ | Sean Buhagiar
Theatre & Dance 03-07

Director Sean Buhagiar speaks about the upcoming cabaret bonanza Balzunetta Towers, penned by Alfred Sant with...
The fluid, violent stream of life | Adrian Buckle
Theatre & Dance 26-06

Teodor Reljic speaks to Unifaun Theatre founder Adrian Buckle about the company’s upcoming producti...
From TV to stage | Taryn Mamo Cefai
Theatre & Dance 19-06

Thanks to her roles on TV, actress Taryn Mamo Cefai has become a household name; but she’s now going bac...
Finding your voice, away from home | Antonella Sgobbo & Malcolm Galea
Theatre & Dance 31-05

Teodor Reljic speaks to tutors Antonella Sgobbo and Malcolm Galea of the RIMA Creative Writing and Storyt...
Living the drama dream
Theatre & Dance 29-05

Artists all over the world dream of studying drama professionally in London – but very few actually make...
The ephemera of life, captured | Eszter Joo, Francesca Zammit & Julia Camilleri
Theatre & Dance 25-05

Following their one-off performance SOMNA, accompanied by a photographic exhibition by Zvezdan Reljic, dancers...
The romance that rocked Strait Street | Philip Glassborow, Polly March & Larissa Bonaci
Theatre & Dance 24-05

Following its debut in Valletta, musical production The Star of Strait Street – which recounts the ...
Valletta’s Teatru Rjal may get a ‘convertible roof’
Theatre & Dance 19-05

The Labour Party in government will launch consultations into the possibility of installing a retractable roof...
Codifying the changes | Cristina Ghinassi & Edward Duca
Theatre & Dance 08-05

Combining performance art and science, artist Cristina Ghinassi and geneticist Edward Duca will be presenting ...
ŻfinMalta gets new artistic director
Theatre & Dance 07-05

Paolo Mangiola replaces Mavin Khoo as ŻfinMalta's artistic director 
Greatness, and beer, thrust upon you | WhatsTheirNames Theatre
Theatre & Dance 03-05

WhatsTheirNames Theatre have once again launched a charm offensive on the Maltese theatrical scene with their ...
The ties that bind | Clive Piscopo
Theatre & Dance 26-04

Actor and playwright Clive Piscopo chats about his upcoming production, Fejn Jeħodna R-Riħ, which was dreamt...