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All about my super-satire friends | Jo Caruana
Theatre & Dance 20-12

As the Comedy Knights prepare for the fifth instalment of their sell-out show, we take a trip down memory lane with Lady Jo Caruana

Creating the fairy-tale escape
Theatre & Dance 11-12

As Christmas Panto season gets underway, Teodor Reljic sits down for a chat with MADC’s own artisti...
Witty banter and twisty turns | Tina Rizzo
Theatre & Dance 15-11

Actress Tina Rizzo speaks to Teodor Reljic about her upcoming role in The Birthday Suit, a dark come...
Every Brilliant Thing: laughter in the dark
Theatre & Dance 07-11

Theatre director Nanette Brimmer speaks to Teodor Reljic about teaming up with actor Alan Paris for yet anothe...
Loosening up the house | Teatru Santwarju
Theatre & Dance 26-10

Teodor Reljic speaks to Martina Georgina, Julia Camilleri and Althea Corlett, the trio behind Teatru Santwarju...
Mounting a farce for all
Theatre & Dance 15-10

As they prepare to put up Miles Tredinnick’s farcical comedy ‘Laugh? I Nearly Went to Miami!&rsquo...
No shrinking against the pale moonlight | The Shrinking Violets
Theatre & Dance 12-10

Contrary to the implications of their name, newly-minted theatre troupe The Shrinking Violets will be taking t...
Laughs for both Shakespeare savant and novice alike in Unifaun’s new production
Theatre & Dance 27-09

Teodor Reljic catches up with Joseph Zammit, Nathan Brimmer and James Ryder, the trio of comic actors behind U...
Polishing up for perfection
Theatre & Dance 11-09

Teodor Reljic speaks to playwright, theatre director and actor Malcolm Galea about Get Your Act Together, an i...
A cry for artistic education
Theatre & Dance 06-09

Never one to mince words or worry too much about going long, painter and Manoel Theatre Artistic Director Kenn...
MADC to stage David Hare’s award-winning play Skylight
Theatre & Dance 30-08

Directed by André Agius, Skylight will feature Stephen Oliver, Simone Spiteri and Alex Weenink in the l...
Far from a pristine house | Is-Suza, Stephanie Sant & Martin Bonnici
Theatre & Dance 14-08

Oliver Friggieri’s haunting tale ‘Ir-Ragel Tal-Klieb’ will be getting a film adaptation cour...
Bite-sized comedy for a bite-sized island | Steve Hili
Theatre & Dance 01-08

The show’s title may be self-explanatory, but how it came about is not. Teodor Reljic speaks to comedian...
Get Your Act Together playwrights chosen
Theatre & Dance 12-07

Two local playwrights have been selected to work with international mentors and have their scripts funded
Shakespeare: Still on Point?
Theatre & Dance 12-07

Shakespeare’s work has been around for centuries – but is it still as relevant as it always was? H...
‘Gayer than Strait Street’ | Sean Buhagiar
Theatre & Dance 03-07

Director Sean Buhagiar speaks about the upcoming cabaret bonanza Balzunetta Towers, penned by Alfred Sant with...