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A fourth division team in the Premier League | Carmel Cacopardo
Interview 18-09

Newly elected AD-Green Party chairperson Carmel Cacopardo is outspoken on the need for the party to pull its socks up and upgrade its structures to the highest level of political engagement... without losing sight of ‘ethical pluralism’

‘Power to the people’ | Anthony Buttigieg
Interview 10-09

Former PD deputy leader (and leadership contestant) Dr Anthony Buttigieg outlines the way forward for a party ...
[WATCH] The new wine, dying on the vine... | Jeremy Cassar
Interview 04-09

Malta’s wine industry faces unprecedented demand, but its indigenous grape varieties are also under seve...
A vision that is ahead of its time | Chris Said
Interview 01-09

PN leadership hopeful Chris Said on the importance of an innovative forward-looking vision... that ‘reaf...
[WATCH] To be in politics is ‘to serve’ | Adrian Delia
Interview 24-08

PN leader aspirant Adrian Delia deflects suspicions surrounding his financial circumstances, and insists ...
[WATCH] Naomi Cachia: ‘I’ve been told I was elected only because I’m a woman’
Interview 16-08

Being a woman in politics is a ‘burden we need to tackle’, says new Labour youth president Naomi C...
‘Politics redone, bottom-up’ | Alex Perici Calascione
Interview 14-08

PN leadership hopeful Alex Perici Calascione outlines his vision for a rethink of how the Nationalist Party do...
It’s not just about numbers | Rosianne Cutajar
Interview 07-08

Parliament’s youngest member Rosianne Cutajar on gender-representation in Maltese politics; dealing with...
Wildlife laws exist to protect wildlife, not people | Mark Sultana
Interview 31-07

As the European Court issues a damning indictment of Malta’s finch-trapping policy, BirdLife Malta direc...
[WATCH] ‘The best of times, the worst of times’ | Immanuel Mifsud
Interview 24-07

A contrived sense of false optimism, coupled with the total collapse of all forces opposing the current politi...
Cycling: Malta’s great uphill struggle | Jim Wightman
Interview 18-07

On paper, Malta should be as ideal for cycling as any city in the Netherlands. In practice, however, our rate ...
‘We need to question everything’ | Roberta Metsola
Interview 12-07

Nationalist MEP Roberta Metsola says that ahead of the PN’s leadership election, the party must start qu...
No ‘silver bullet’ solution to human smuggling | Mark Micallef
Interview 10-07

Former journalist Mark Micallef has spent the last three years researching human smuggling networks in North A...
The brothers behind New York Best have some beef
Interview 04-07

Tommy and Nicholas Diacono, founders of New York Best and Fat Louie’s, talk business, politics and archi...
Gozo’s business exodus is causing chaos | Joseph G. Grech
Interview 03-07

A pre-electoral employment spree has deprived several Gozitan companies of their workforce. For Gozo Business ...
Three contenders, one post: who will be Labour’s new deputy leader?
Interview 28-06

The Labour Party is searching for its new deputy leader: Helena Dalli, Edward Scicluna and Chris Fearne have s...