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Cycling: Malta’s great uphill struggle | Jim Wightman
Interview 18-07

On paper, Malta should be as ideal for cycling as any city in the Netherlands. In practice, however, our rate of bicycle-usage remains among the lowest in Europe. Jim Wightman, of the Bicycle Advocacy Group, makes the case for a safer environment in which bicycles may provide a practical alternative to the all-powerful motorcar

‘We need to question everything’ | Roberta Metsola
Interview 12-07

Nationalist MEP Roberta Metsola says that ahead of the PN’s leadership election, the party must start qu...
No ‘silver bullet’ solution to human smuggling | Mark Micallef
Interview 10-07

Former journalist Mark Micallef has spent the last three years researching human smuggling networks in North A...
The brothers behind New York Best have some beef
Interview 04-07

Tommy and Nicholas Diacono, founders of New York Best and Fat Louie’s, talk business, politics and archi...
Gozo’s business exodus is causing chaos | Joseph G. Grech
Interview 03-07

A pre-electoral employment spree has deprived several Gozitan companies of their workforce. For Gozo Business ...
Three contenders, one post: who will be Labour’s new deputy leader?
Interview 28-06

The Labour Party is searching for its new deputy leader: Helena Dalli, Edward Scicluna and Chris Fearne have s...
[WATCH] Only defending my country | Tony Zarb
Interview 26-06

Former GWU secretary-general Tony Zarb dismisses talk of ‘hate speech’, as he puts up a robust def...
[WATCH] The power of conviction | Tonio Fenech
Interview 19-06

The Nationalist Party needs a leader who can convey a sense of trust and conviction; but it also needs to redi...
The calm after the storm | Mario de Marco
Interview 12-06

Outgoing PN deputy leader Mario De Marco analyses the Nationalist Party’s defeat in last week&...
[WATCH] Journalism under threat | Marilyn Clark
Interview 05-06

A recent Council of Europe study found that almost 70% of European journalists experience psychological violen...
[WATCH] Choosing Malta | Simon Busuttil
Interview 28-05

PN leader Simon Busuttil says the 3 June election is not a choice between himself and Joseph Muscat and is qui...
[WATCH] Change does not scare me | Joseph Muscat
Interview 28-05

Prime Minister Joseph Muscat says that after Egrant, he cannot hope to build a relationship with Simon Busutti...
[WATCH] This is character assassination, not journalism | Chris Cardona
Interview 22-05

Economy Minister and PL deputy leader Chris Cardona argues that a ‘smokescreen of lies’, conj...
[WATCH] An election about fundamental principles | Beppe Fenech Adami
Interview 14-05

Nationalist Party Deputy Leader Beppe Fenech Adami argues that this election is an opportunity to 'do the ...
Between the hammer and the anvil | Arnold Cassola
Interview 09-05

Times are tough for AD chairperson Arnold Cassola. Widely blamed (by Nationalists) for the recent collapse of ...
Playing by the rules | Seyed Ali Sadr Hasheminejad
Interview 30-04

Pilatus Bank chairman Seyed Ali Sadr Hasheminejad has defended his bank’s anti-money laundering setup, b...