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[WATCH] Why do we make music? For women, of course | Mario Vella
Interview 20-02

‘Rub Al Khali’, Brikkuni’s third studio album, has been described as a stark departure from earlier releases in tone and style. Main songwriter MARIO VELLA on how much of his own (very public) persona went into the finished product

Of credibility and alternative governance | Marlene Farrugia
Interview 13-02

Formerly an MP for Labour and a general election candidate for the Nationalist party, PD leader Marlene Farrug...
The rental market is out of control | Johanna Axisa MacRae
Interview 06-02

As rental prices skyrocket, Johanna Axisa MacRae, chair of the Malta Tenants’ Association, argues we can...
Europe needs a new narrative | Vanni Xuereb
Interview 30-01

The European Union seems to be facing its worst-ever existentialist threat. MEUSAC chief Vanni Xuereb argues t...
Failed by the system | Angela Caruana
Interview 23-01

Thousands of unaccompanied child refugees and asylum seekers go missing every year in Europe. Many are pushed ...
Deal or no deal for Air Malta? | Edward Zammit Lewis
Interview 16-01

Having invested so much in a ‘strategic partnership’ with Alitalia, the collapse of this deal come...
My gut says Air Malta will ultimately fail | Philip Fenech
Interview 09-01

Philip Fenech says he does not feel any Maltese government would ever take the harsh decisions needed to make ...
Unearthing the mysteries of the past | Anthony Bonanno
Interview 03-01

Prof. Anthony Bonanno pays tribute to the late Dr David Trump, who set out to answer some of the most int...
[WATCH] Mixed messages on migration | Ahmed Bugre
Interview 19-12

Ahmed Bugre, director of the Foundation for Shelter and Support to Migrants (FSM) stresses the need for a cons...
The free market must also be fair | Abigail Mamo
Interview 12-12

At a time when small businesses face unprecedented levels of unfair competition, the GRTU’s chief execut...
When is a refugee not a refugee? | Martine Cassar
Interview 04-12

Some asylum seekers seem to be more equal than others; but Refugee Commissioner Dr Martine Cassar argues that ...
Judge me by how I work | Franco Mercieca
Interview 28-11

MP Franco Mercieca defends his role as chairman of the parliamentary committee reviewing the Paceville masterp...
Much ado about a Paceville masterplan | Deborah Schembri
Interview 21-11

Proposals for a regeneration of Malta’s largest entertainment district has been met with anxiety and sce...
For the love of football | Angelo Chetcuti
Interview 14-11

From corruption to unfortunate comparisons with Iceland, the Malta Football Association’s new secretary-...
A Budget over the Cuckoo’s Nest | Mario de Marco
Interview 07-11

PN deputy leader Mario de Marco likens the Labour government to the proverbial cuckoo, which lays its eggs in ...
Edward Scicluna | ‘You cannot fight the market’
Interview 31-10

Finance Minister Edward Scicluna defends Budget 2017 from criticism that avoided taking necessary social inter...