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National 10:50

Former president of the PN college of councillors switches to Labour: ‘I was always convinced of this step but feared taking it’

Data & Surveys 08:12
MaltaToday survey on spring hunting shows electorate equally split between both the 'Yes' and 'No' camps
National 12:03
Neutrality clause in Malta's constitution means it can be a bridge between conflicting sides
National 07:22
Islamic State’s franchise in Libya has heightened security concerns in Malta. The experts agree that the power vacuum in Tripoli offer...
National 12:41
Nationalist Party says that its continuous pressure left the government with no other choice but to reduce fuel prices
Interview 10:00
Last weekend’s election in Greece seems to indicate a widening gulf between European institutions, and an often disenchanted and frust...
Environment 11:09
FKNK declare that 'minorities are seeing through the divide and rule tactic spread through misinformation...of the opposing camp'&nb...
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