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National 11:33

The impact of globalization on the labour market, infrastructure, traffic and the general upkeep of the country are Malta's main challenges

National 10:52
Former EU Commissioner sees ‘no political implications’ with China’s persistent interest in Europe: ‘They mean busin...
World 08:48
EU begins new operation to capture boats smuggling refugees across the Mediterranean
National 11:54
Foreign Affairs ministry says Adviser for Consular Affairs, Salvino Giusti’s pay was €28,420 every year rather than every four we...
National 18:39
[LIVE-BLOG] MPs agree to hold impromptu debate on worsening traffic situation • Transport Minister Joe Mizzi abroad • Government t...
National 15:55
Following Paqpaqli ghal-Istrina accident, Prime Minister Joseph Muscat orders review of safety at public events
National 10:24
Questions on the role of new Environment Authority in selection process for motorsport racecourse are “hypothetical”, the enviro...
Business News 18:08
Reuters reports that GO plc is asking for banks’ advice on ‘full sale’ of telecoms company
National 18:40
Simon Busuttil pledges to publish the names of naturalised IIP citizens if he gets elected as Prime Minister 
National 17:33
Justice minister Owen Bonnici says it would be "premature to speculate" whether the Office of the President of the Republic would ...
Of colours and door knockers: Maltese doors
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Simon Busuttil pledges to publish the names of naturalised IIP citizens if he gets elected as Prime Minister • Video by Ray Attard
6th October 2015
Abela says looking into better safety for public events would not go amiss
6th October 2015
Paqpaqli supercar crash | 14 victims at Mater Dei, four still critical
5th October 2015
Government consulting stakeholders on extending maternity leave to adoptive parents • Video by Ray Attard
5th October 2015
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