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Reporter 00:19

Anglu Farrugia says MPs should not be allowed to make unfounded claims in Parliament against non-MPs, who are unable to raise breaches of privilege. 

National 08:00
Is privatised search and rescue for governments and shipping companies the way to sustain the life-savers’ Mediterranean operation?
Business News 11:27
Persons registering for work at 5,333 compared to 7,141 in May 2014
Business News 11:40
Henley & Partners launches the Global Residence and Citizenship indicators for 2015
National 07:30
Labour MP Joe Debono Grech denies receiving gifts from Azerbaijan, insists the Council of Europe cannot depose the oil- and gas-rich Caucasi...
Environment 10:22
Environemental NGO warns that current draft of strategic development plan will prove 'fatal' for countryside, rural areas and coast
Court & Police 10:28
15-year-old suffers hand and facial burns after igniting a petard part that subsequently exploded in his face. 
Europe 2015 15:23
European Commission President Jean Claude Juncker urges Greeks to vote yes in bailout referendum ‘irrespective of the question being m...
Court & Police 13:26
Minor member of ‘criminal gang preying on tourists’ admits to 12 counts of thefts
Court & Police 14:21
One of his victims was 68-year-old Carmen Baldacchino, in Malta on holiday from Australia
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