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National 14:48

Queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles greet the most recently elected heads of state of the Commonwealth during a reception at San Anton Palace.

National 16:50

Commonwealth leaders elect Baroness Patricia Scotland as their new secretary-general

National 09:52
New secretary-general of the Commonwealth to be announced today • CHOGM executive session in the afternoon
National 11:19
Prime Minister Joseph Muscat tells Commonwealth colleagues to admit reservations existed on each other’s actions
World 12:57
Nigeria and France to unite against Islamic extremist group Boko-Haram • Leaders to discuss Islamic extremist group Boko-Haram, sources...
Court & Police 16:07
Tatu Antero Oksanen, who is understood to have changed his plea following an out-of-court settlement, had been interrupted trying to force e...
Court & Police 11:40
Lawyer for Italian resident Samuel Akighbe tells court that the accused acted "purely to help out his friend"
World 08:09
Moscow has also started sending back Turkish trucks loaded with exports at the border and stopped Turkish tourists - who normally do not nee...
World 08:53
Amnesty International reports that six activists facing the death sentence were children when the alleged crimes were committed and say they...
National 12:37
American Gianna Jessen born during failed saline abortion developed cerebral palsy and now campaigns against abortion
Europe 09:29
Sant pours cold water over Valetta summit: ‘EU too distracted by other crises to take lead in Marshall plan where public, not private,...
WIN • Dinner at the Corinthia Palace
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