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Reporter 07:30

Education minister Evarist Bartolo and his opposition counterpart Therese Comodini Cachia argue that Malta's education system must be more flexible to suit needs of children with special needs

Court & Police 00:21
Mizzi understood to have been found guilty of complicity in theft, aggravated by means and by value, but without violence. He was found not ...
National 08:11
Motorcyclist who lost his limb in accident sues Transport Malta for damages
National 09:20
Friends of the Earth warns that GM technology is both risky and redundant, and that European people are rejecting them outright 
National 10:42
Nationalist Party rubbishes Edward Scicluna's criticism of pre-budget document, insists all social partners 'unanimously agree on th...
National 18:00
Condition of 6-year-old girl critically injured during Paqpaqli supercar crash improves • Five patients discharged today
National 17:28
Malta ranks first in ILGA-Europe's latest rankings for LGBTIQ+ rights, overtaking the United Kingdom and Belgium. 
Europe 22:34
Finance minister backs Austria's call for EC to exclude countries' refugee spending from their budget deficit calculations 
World 08:58
California becomes fifth US state to allow terminally ill patients to end their lives
World 08:20
An overnight flight from Phoenix to Boston was diverted to New York after the pilot experienced a medical emergency and died
Of colours and door knockers: Maltese doors
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