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National 17:47

Head of police officers’ union says pregnant policewoman’s health condition ‘deteriorated’ following attack

Court & Police 14:24
Law regulating composition of industrial tribunals breaches right to a fair hearing, Constitutional Court decides
National 12:53
Discussions to commence after sole bid satisfies evaluation process
National 11:15
Malta Hotel and Restaurants Association presidnet Tony Zahra and Nationalist Party leader Simon Busuttil discuss the future of the tourism a...
National 11:41
Service provider says new map can help passengers plan their journeys
Court & Police 13:12
The man robbed a jewellery shop right after he walked out of the law courts
National 08:13
MEP highlights differences between the agriculture of Malta and other EU member states
National 11-02
Maltese man tests positive for Zika virus, following trip to South Pacific islands
National 11-02
Shadow minister for justice Jason Azzopardi presents bill for the creation of authority to recommend judges and magistrates after public exp...
World 09:08
Health officials expect to develop vaccine against Zika virus in about a year, after news that a third adult might have died as a result of ...
Masks and masquerades: show us your Carnival
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10th February 2016
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