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Court & Police 11:31

Marco Gaffarena's lawyer argued that the call for the warrant was null and void as it was unclear whether Joseph Muscat was acting in his capacity as prime minister or a member of parliament

National 10:13
Chamber of Advocates proposes that new judges and magistrates should have minimum 15 years' experience, including ten spent practic...
National 13:45
Joe Mizzi says complaints on bus routes are localised and being addressed with local councils, but Opposition warns that public transport re...
National 12:29
The development, proposed by Rodrick Fenech, who owns Mensija Real Estate Ltd, is located outside the development zones - plans include...
Reporter 07:30
Louis Grech: reform of judiciary appointments will take place before next election, Commissioner for Public Standards to be appointed soon
National 11:29
Gozitan students recorded the lowest average number of absences, with 9.8 days per student
National 07:51
Motoring schools have no power to prevent those who complete their 10-hour course from setting off on the road, regardless of their performa...
National 07:55
Proposal could be compromise with businesses resisting enforcement of disability quota
World 08:02
Prime Minister announces via Twitter privatisation of government services and creation of new ministerial positions
National 07:52
Ombudsman unanimously appointed by both sides of the House in 2005 straight after BA chairmanship, which has three-year blackout on ‘p...
Masks and masquerades: show us your Carnival
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7th February 2016
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