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National 19:49

Justice Minister soon to present draft bill to Cabinet • Opposition leader Simon Busuttil insists Caroline Farrugia Frendo should not be appointed magistrate • Farrugia Frendo's appointment will be carried out 'in full respect of the Constitution'

National 19:18
Justice Minister defends his nominations of Ingrid Zammit Young and Caroline Farrugia Frendo
National 18:27
Energy and health minister Konrad Mizzi to enter deputy leadrship race uncontested
Court & Police 15:26
The 26-year-old was found to have four shotguns strapped to his body when he was stopped by police in Luqa last week
Court & Police 11:31
Marco Gaffarena's lawyer argued that the call for the warrant was null and void as it was unclear whether Joseph Muscat was acting ...
National 10:13
Chamber of Advocates proposes that new judges and magistrates should have minimum 15 years' experience, including ten spent practic...
National 12:50
While recognising sensitivity of subject in Malta, the law student organisation underlines the need for proper legislation
National 12:29
The development, proposed by Rodrick Fenech, who owns Mensija Real Estate Ltd, is located outside the development zones - plans include...
National 13:20
Prof. Ian Refalo: “If we accept that the nomination may be subject to some form of scrutiny without pillorying the person making the n...
National 17:22
Joe Mizzi says complaints on bus routes are localised and being addressed with local councils, but Opposition warns that public transport re...
Masks and masquerades: show us your Carnival
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9th February 2016
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PN demand details on 'bribery' in Gaffarena expropriation • Video by Ray Attard
8th February 2016
Colour, music and children in costumes dominate the Valletta streets during the carnival break
8th February 2016
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