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Election 2017 Latest news and polls



Front Pages
[WATCH] Prime Minister warns of ‘constitutional crisis if PN is elected on a lie’
Xtra 22:10

On Xtra, Labour leader Joseph Muscat says country will face a crisis if PN wins election and inquiry confirms Egrant calumny: ‘Simon Busuttil will be pressed by the biggest constitutional crisis this country ever faced’

National 14:42
‘Malta Files reveal no secrets’ says IFSP: so why are foreign newspapers writing about the UBOs ‘hiding’ behind Malt...
Election 2017 09:18
Opposition leader Simon Busuttil ridicules 'suggestions' that Russian president Vladimir Putin could be concerned about the outcome ...
Election 2017 10:00
On allegations that Russia may be meddling with Maltese elections, Prime Minister reiterates that he had received prior information from for...
Data & Surveys 07:32
MaltaToday’s latest survey indicated that 43.3% of floating voters are still claiming they are undecided while a further 8% of th...
Election 2017 24-05
PN launches manifesto, also approved by the Partit Demokratiku, with over 500 proposals which the coalition is campaigning on
Election 2017 24-05
The tourism minister said he was convinced that Egrant allegations were and orchestrated attack on the Prime Minister and the Labour Party
World 24-05
At least 34 migrants, most of them toddlers, drowned, after their overloaded vessel capsized in the Mediterranean off the coast of Libya, re...
Europe 10:41
Malta Files on the agenda of the Brussels press as Edward Scicluna presides over tax rules reforms, while France and Germany start discussin...
Townscapes 07:33
The Environment and Resources Authority described an application to extend a dwelling's footprint as a 'telling example'&nb...
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AD proposes decriminalization of all drugs, legalisation of cannabis
Nationalist Party launches manifesto for a socially just Malta, free of corruption
Alternattiva Demokratika wants national debate on religious inclusivity
Online publication claims Russian meddling, PM says he is aware of allegation
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