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National 12:00

Christmas survey finds less money spent on gifts

Court & Police 15:35
Safi man, Nigerian woman arrested over three kilograms cocaine find.
National 07:30
Danger in Mriehel factory since 2008 but no warning signs or protective barriers ever erected to ward off trespassers: now actors and direct...
National 08:20
'From the information at its disposal, the Commission considers that the Maltese authorities have not circumvented any EU procedural pro...
Interview 13:00
Overfishing does not only threaten marine wildlife, but also the fishing industry itself. Conservation activist JD FARRUGIA, of the Fish4Tom...
National 14:08
MHRA President Matthew Pace resigns following tampered smart meters probe.
Court & Police 09:40
Foreigner critically injured after falling two storeys in St Paul's Bay  
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