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National 12:35

MEPA board throws out request for swimming pools in Sannat ODZ area

National 07:00
Caroline Farrugia Frendo's nomination as magistrate being interpreted as a sop to her father, Speaker Anglu Farrugia, who had wante...
National 08:56
ALS sufferer calls for introduction of euthanasia, insists he will take his own life once his condition denies him human dignity 
Environment 11:07
The Hal Far colony was partially abandoned by Yelkouan Shearwaters after the introduction of domestic and industrial lighting
World 08:43
The strike in the coastal city's Hay Bab Tubrok area damaged a medical facility, a mosque and nearby homes
National 08:44
Kevin Aquilina, dean of the University's faculty of laws, highlighted the archaic system used to appoint lawyers to the bench, a debate ...
Interview 08:56
Historian and author JOSEPH V. MICALLEF argues that the only thing that can defeat the Islamic State is a better idea coming from within the...
World 17:49
Spanish police arrest seven people with suspected links to an organisation which provided logistical support, weapons, explosives to Islamic...
National 07-02
Interviewed on One Radio, Joseph Muscat hails the island’s growing economy and Malta’s green ranking in a Yale-based study but s...
National 07-02
Opposition leader Simon Busuttil says nomination of Speaker's daughter Caroline Farrugia Frendo as magistrate as a sop to her father had...
Masks and masquerades: show us your Carnival
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6th February 2016
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5th February 2016
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