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National 20:27

Government whip admits to disagreeing with Speaker's ruling over clash between his partner Marlene Farrugia and Labour MP Joe Debono Grech • Busuttil reverses call for Debono Grech's suspension after request by Farrugia • Muscat urges MPs to debate more constructively in Parliament, but social policy minister later allegedly tells Busuttil that 'he is suffering from dementia'.

National 18:23
Prime Minister announces establishment of 'centre of excellence' in Malta to aid in the development of small Commonwealth states, Ma...
National 22:05
Opposition MP Claudette Buttigieg condemns minister Helena Dalli for remarks that women shouldn't 'play the victim after provoking m...
National 18:15
Labour MP formally apologizes for telling independent MP Marlene Farrugia that he will 'come and beat her up'
National 14:25
Film goads United States to “bring it on” and fight at the site of Islamic armageddon in Dabiq
National 12:16
Industry up in arms over police inaction following spate of hold ups
National 14:55
Independent MP criticises Helena Dalli for comments that women shouldn't 'play the victim' after provoking men into a ...
National 10:08
Opposition leader warns House that separating MEPA board powers will give minister power to turn people into millionaires from one day to th...
World 09:11
Russian president accuses Turkey of 'backstabbing' and supporting ISIS following its shooting down of a Russian fighter jet. 
Football 24-11
Doyen Sports made millions by owning trading rights on footballers, betting that the player’s trade value will rise, to turn profits a...
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