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National 19:53

CABS teams witness a hunter trying to shoot a kestrel in Safi and locate another dead cuckoo with shotgun injuries in Mizieb

World 16:08
Nepali government declares state of emergency after earthquake with a 7.9 magnitude strikes central Nepal.
Court & Police 12:02
Hunter David Galea pleads not guilty to slightly injuring 16-year-old birdwatcher
Court & Police 13:24
58-year-old Gozitan has lost his life after falling a height of three storeys while carrying out works on a private residence
World 11:35
Angelina Jolie, UNHCR special envoy for refugee issues, lambasts international community for its ‘division’ and ‘indecisio...
National 12:12
Flimkien ghal Ambjent Ahjar warns that buildings of heritage, such as Queen Elizabeth's old residence, are being allowed to fall into de...
Court & Police 12:22
Jomic Calleja charged with trafficking in cocaine, conspiring to traffic cannabis grass, importing the illegal plant and selling it.
Europe 2015 10:52
Labour MEP Alfred Sant says money could have been spent on structural, cohesion, agricultural and migration funds if devolved fully to natio...
World 12:46
Australia and New Zealand remember more than 11,400 troops killed at Gallipoli in Turkey during World One
National 24-04
14 human rights NGOs argue that human trafficking is a 'secondary' problem when compared to 'the impossibility of refugees to sa...
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