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National 21:22

Nationalist party calls for the government to shoulder responsibility for the serious allegations surrounding former Home Affairs Minister granting citizenship to his wife ahead of the stipulated period of five years

National 18:30
President of the Republic calls on MPs not to be swayed 'by vociferous few who treat migrants as human waste'
Business News 07:00
Bank says it received quantifiable claim for €363 million back in November 2014, ten months after claim was filed in Italian court
National 18:20
Anthony Debono, husband of former Gozo minister Giovanna Debono, will be given police bail and could be arraigned
National 07:51
MaltaToday publishes original documents showing promise of sale in 2014
National 21:54
Owen Bonnici predicts American Univeristy will have an 'enormous' economic impact on the south, says building's design will prio...
Court & Police 13:59
Daniel Borg, 34, found dead in Bangkok hotel on Sukhumvit road, with 0.5 gram of heroin on a table near the bed
Court & Police 15:16
Inspector Mario Cuschieri presented online poker affiliate Martijn Ramses Waalboer before Magistrate Marseanne Farrugia this afternoon, in e...
Court & Police 13:13
The tablet's inbuilt GPS system helped police locate the stolen item
National 19:27
An events planning company has been paid almost €180,000 in three direct orders by the Culture Ministry since 2013. 
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