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National 08:00

MaltaToday's latest survey shows that Labour leads by 4 points over the PN when it comes to voting intentions, with Muscat enjoying a strong but reduced 11-point trust lead over Busuttil 

Environment 08:56
Gozo police investigating report that two poachers had allegedly shot down a white stork at close range before fleeing off with th...
World 09:07
350 still unaccounted for but chances of survival are low amid desperate rescue efforts in Guatemala City
World 09:20
Ruling centre-right coalition who navigated country through debt crisis and recession slightly ahead in opinion polls
Budget 2016 18:07
MUMN says nursing students should be entitled to a minimum wage • Pulse supports proposals • SDM and MHSA say it ‘offers wro...
World 16:05
Poland-born Krysztof Charamsa, 43, reveals he’s gay on the eve of a synod
National 13:13
Activists call on Front to expand its focus from ODZ-related issues, to more general environmental concerns.  
World 03-10
NATO spokesperson admits US air strikes on Afghanistan may have struck a clinic run by the Medecins Sans Frontieres, in an attack that ...
World 03-10
US President warns Russia that its air strike campaign in Syria is 'strengthening' Islamic State, insists US will not campaign with ...
National 02-10
Government lashes out at Opposition leader Simon Busuttil, accused of having referred to sensitive information for political gain • PN ...
Of colours and door knockers: Maltese doors
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Activists call on Front to expand its focus to more general environmental concerns.
3rd October 2015
University students kick-start academic year with annual water fight
2nd October 2015
Education minister Evarist Bartolo on traffic and schools
2nd October 2015
Oncology Centre, is a commendable use of EU funds
2nd October 2015
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