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Hunting Referendum
World 13:34

Lufthansa CEO Carsten Spohr tells CNN that Andreas Lubitz didn’t want pilot in the cabin at the time of the crash

National 13:54
European People's party agrees with cockpit policy updates following the tragic Germanwings crash
Court & Police 14:39
Erin Tanti is accused of inciting the suicide of a teenage girl in March of last year
National 14:59
Services concession is for redevelopment, maintenance, management, and operation of the three hospital sites
Court & Police 10:51
Gregorio Scicluna is released on bail after it had been revoked twice before • Accused likely to have to sell his house to pay for bail...
National 12:56
SHout spokesperson Moira Delia urges Birkirkara residents to exert their democratic right to vote in the upcoming spring hunting referendum
Court & Police 13:44
After the relationship turned sour, the accused harassed the victim and her family through phone calls and text messages
National 12:18
Tourism Minister urges tour operators to diversify business operations or ‘risk going out of business’
National 09:53
Prime Minister in Birzebbugia announces the dismantling of Shell tanks during this legislature 
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