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National 09:48

Magistrate releases bodies of dead migrants for burial, mortuary staff members out on leave and sick leave with the exception of one

National 10:33
74 University of Malta academics express solidarity with the people in Gaza
National 18:01
Prime Minister Joseph Muscat says there is no assurance Maltese man kidnapped in Libya is alive
National 15:02
Government has been aware of the case for an entire week • no contact yet made with oil worker
National 19:19
Foreign affairs minister says only 67 of 130 Maltese citizens had chosen to fly back to Malta on government organised flights
National 13:28
An area at the Ta’ Kandja police academy cleared out in relation to government’s contingency plan to evacuate foreigners from Li...
National 17:34
Justice not equal for all, opposition says as it insists Judge Lino Farrugia Sacco’s impeachment should be presented before Parliament...
National 25-07
Lands Department claims workings into €4.2 million bailout cannot be published because of police investigation into Nationalist MP&rsqu...
Court & Police 14:18
Consignment included 120 of the specimens are protected by the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flo...
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