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National 14:30

MPs depart from the Palace of the President, which hosted Malta’s parliament since 1921 • follow us live here, and tweet your views and photos on #newparliament

National 12:43
Environment Minister stresses that the government is open to suggestions for alternative sites for American University and ideally should no...
National 15:50
Nationalist party calls for the government to shoulder responsibility for the serious allegations surrounding former Home Affairs Minister g...
Court & Police 13:59
Daniel Borg, 34, found dead in Bangkok hotel on Sukhumvit road, with 0.5 gram of heroin on a table near the bed
National 07:00
Shooting range at Busbesija was submitted as screening application to MEPA almost one year before Labour administration’s expression o...
Court & Police 15:16
Inspector Mario Cuschieri presented online poker affiliate Martijn Ramses Waalboer before Magistrate Marseanne Farrugia this afternoon, in e...
National 14:05
Alternattiva Demokratika have called on the government to have the American University of Malta constructed at Fort Ricasoli, rather than at...
Court & Police 12:54
24-year-old Kirsten Mifsud from Bormla, nicknamed il-Benghazi, had been found guilty of shooting the protected bird which then fell in the s...
Business News 10:58
In 1997, MEPA said the Costa del Sol development was outside development zones in an area where no hotel development was foreseen by the Str...
Court & Police 12:58
Galea, who serves on the European Court of Auditors, had filed a libel case against Etienne St John and Felix Agius, as the persons responsi...
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