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Front Pages
MFSA carried out over 200 on-site inspections in 2016
Xtra 22:14

On Xtra tonight, Parliamentary Secretary for Financial Services Silvio Schembri accused the Nationalist Party of hypocrisy given that he said there were only 37 in 2012

Court & Police 12:42
The 19-year-old woman was remanded in custody on no less than seven attempted murder charges after trying to run down a group of people in H...
Court & Police 17:00
Court examined whether Facebook private messages or an SMSs could qualify as the subject of a libel case, ruling that they were
National 12:16
Government is communicating with each state school teacher individually to explain how the sectoral agreement will affect them, education mi...
Court & Police 13:38
Lawyer says victim's sypmtoms following the abduction were limited to sleeping trouble and anxiety, do not justify delay in taking ...
Europe 09:15
Former Maltese PM says island faces clear problem in governance and control of corruption but said MEPs' mission to Malta on rule of law...
Court & Police 12:55
The husband of Daphne Caruana Galizia and her sons will continue 37 lawsuits in substitution of the assassinated journalist
National 17-01
Joseph Muscat has argued the deal made "good business sense" as the country would get back a fully-equipped state of the art hospi...
Health 07:58
Around half of Malta’s population might contract influenza by end of winter, vaccine might not work in cases of infections with differ...
National 11:59
Nationalist MEP David Casa says he has handed new evidence on Pilatus Bank to the European Central Bank
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Shortage of workers a major concern for small businesses
Influenza cases skyrocket as doctors talk of ‘worst flu season ever.’
‘Union will never use percentages again,’ says Malta Union of Teachers president
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