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National 11:56

Toni Abela says Auditor General is ‘a sacred institution’ and calls for due diligence on public contract tenderers

National 12:26
 “All those forming part of a minority feel threatened by the referendum - Everyone forms part of one minority or another and a g...
National 07:00
Overwhelming majority of respondents to a poll express unease over IS’s presence in Libya
National 22:31
Hunting federation announces YES campaign during Xarabank • NO camp says electorate needs to make an informed decision, calls for debat...
Business News 10:13
Edward Scicluna highlights Fitch Rating's praise of the government's recent agreement to sell shares in Enemalta to Shanghai Electri...
Football 10:01
Premier Division Standing Committee criticises Malta FA Integrity Officer for 'tarnishing clubs' names' through a statement abou...
Europe 2014 09:25
Labour MEP says that the EU's challenge is to respect the people's desires for a Europe of nations while satisfying the requirements...
World 09:44
Showing him with a goatee beard and wearing a Pittsburgh Pirates baseball cap, the image is revealed in student records from his time at the...
World 09:04
Students, activists and journalists protest the murder of blogger Avijit Roy, who was hacked to death on Friday. 
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