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National 16:12

"We should show courage and give preference to the natural family built on the marriage of a man and a woman"

National 07:25
It was a bad night for Simon Busuttil and Nationalist MPs as they made an inglorious exit from parliament, booed by a liberal crowd after ab...
National 07:46
Dr Colin Calleja, head of the Unit for Inclusion and Access to Learning at the University of Malta, tells JAMES DEBONO that teachers are not...
National 07:46
Banding was interim measure considered by Nationalist administration for primary schools
National 17:00
Parliamentary Secretary for health Chris Fearne does not commit to confirm whether former Msida mayor Clifton Grima is now to become chief e...
Court & Police 13:27
Daniel Holmes's lawyer says defendant's jail term does not correspond with quantity of cannabis found.
World 09:11
Ruling allows Italian ex-PM to remain politically active.
World 08:48
Relatives of hundreds missing in ferry sinking hold vigil, with one saying he received text message from son on board.
World 09:05
Separatists raise Russian flags after capturing column of Ukrainian armoured vehicles, a day before international talks.
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