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National 17:40

Opposition says magisterial inquiry on the shoot-out involving home affairs minister Manuel Mallia’s driver will not determine whether the minister was responsible for covering up the facts

National 12:14
Prime Minister says Manuel Mallia was neither on site nor did he give any instructions to driver
Court & Police 14:47
Motorist shot at by home affairs minister's driver has been released from custody
Court & Police 16:07
The 56-year-old Sebastiano Brunno had been on the run from the authorities since 2009 before being arrested in St.Paul’s Bay in Octobe...
Court & Police 15:15
Leisure Clothing Managing Director Bin Han and Marketing Director Jian Liu face charges of trafficking in persons, misappropriation and...
National 13:35
Renewed visions for the 2015 Commonwealth heads of government meeting to be held in Malta.
National 11:42
Social inclusion of migrants in the EU28 • Non-EU citizens twice as likely to be at risk of poverty or social exclusion as nationals in...
National 19:25
Prime Minister Joseph Muscat expresses anger and disgust over last night’s incident involving the Home Affairs Minister's driver &...
Court & Police 10:16
The accused is involved in several other proceedings, including another fraud case
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