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National 13:04

PN leader pledges to revamp judiciary appointment system if elected, dismisses comparisons with previous PN governments as 'ridiculous'

National 10:47
Attorney General to decide whether legal action should be taken against architect who designed Binja Buqana housing estate
National 12:32
Energy Minister Konrad Mizzi is expected to be uncontested for the post
National 19:40
Labour delegates approve statute changes MPs to run for second deputy leadership • Muscat wants link between party and government &bull...
National 11:40
FKNK chief executive Lino Farrugia warns that BirdLife's 'extremist' attitude to hunting can never lead to reconciliation betwee...
National 17:32
Commission for the Administration of Justice cites 'obstacle' to Ingrid Zammit Young's appointment to magistrate... the Constitu...
Court & Police 08:11
21-year old sentenced to two years in jail, fined €2,300 and had his driving license suspended for a year after pleading guil...
World 08:38
Business News 08:44
Edward Scicluna welcomes last year's reduction of Malta's trade deficit by €161.2 million as proof that 'Malta's c...
World 08:31
Twitter says it has suspended over 125,000 accounts since mid-2015 for 'threatning or promoting terrorist acts' 
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Urgent repairs on Mtarfa housing estate to start next week • Video by Ray Attard
6th February 2016
New deputy leader 'to create synergy' between government and party
5th February 2016
Jason Azzopardi: Choice of magistrates result of cronyism and nepotism, says Azzopardi
5th February 2016
Parents need “to purify their real motivations” for sending children to Church schools - Archbishop Scicluna
5th February 2016
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