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National 10:35

Prime Minsiter Joseph Muscat says PN leader Simon Busuttil is not running after the truth, but after political points; Muscat says home affairs minister Manuel Mallia is ready to be scrutinised over allegations of a cover-up.

Music 01:09
Amber wowed the crowds at the Marsa Shipbuilding last night, winning the Malta Eurovision Song Contest with fan-favourite power ballad Warri...
National 08:00
Ministry official insisted ‘warning shots were fired’ • Paul Sheehan allegedly fired gun while driving ministerial car
Budget 2015 11:33
'This new tax is a knock-out to the local wine industry,' George Delicata, owner of Emmanuel Delicata Winemaker Ltd says. 
Interview 10:00
As PN finance minister, Tonio Fenech presented six consecutive budgets and according to the seasoned politician his successor lacks the econ...
Television 09:00
Continuing to look into the state of local television drama, Teodor Reljic discovers that while local audiences thirst for stories told in a...
World 10:06
Despite a supposed ceasefire being agreed by pro-Russian separatists and government troops, fighting has raged on in rebel held Donetsk.
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