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Budget 2015 20:55

Opposition leader sets great store by criticism of Labour administration and unfulfilled meritocracy pledge

Budget 2015 21:49
Prime Minister Joseph Muscat says he will reply to Simon Busuttil's criticism 'one point after the other tomorrow'
Budget 2015 18:35
Opposition leader Simon Busuttil reacts to the Budget presented by Finance Minister Edward Scicluna last week • Follow speech here
Court & Police 16:15
Police’s communications office confirm ambulance assistance was requested • Police constable Paul Sheehan hospitalised for chest ...
National 18:21
Board of inquiry to be made up of retired judges Alberto Magri, JD Camilleri and Philip Sciberras
National 18:55
100 suspected illegal electricity connections in boathouse removed
Court & Police 15:23
The woman admitted to taking a number of pills at an apartment in Fgura to cause the abortion
National 14:56
PN says case against minister's driver who shot at car is compromised because important evidence was lost
National 16:01
Home affairs ministry chief of staff Silvio Scerri says he hardly knows minister’s chauffeur and does not have his phone number
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100 suspected illegal electricity connections in boathouse removed
24th November 2014
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22nd November 2014
Meet the patriots who claim Malta will be taken over by Muslims • Video: Ray Attard
22nd November 2014
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