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Hunting Referendum
Court & Police 19:49

21-year-old Justin Pace tragically dies after falling and slamming his head on a rock in Zurrieq

National 12:06
MaltaToday polls show 15-point lead for Joseph Muscat in trust barometer: ‘Mid-term elections are still difficult for us,’ Labou...
National 16:46
SHout spokesperson Mark Sultana urges voters to collect voting documents and says that ‘historic’ spring hunting referendum is a...
National 18:31
Silvio Zammit's lawyer says Giovanni Kessler's version of events is 'untrue' and that the OLAF chief 'fabricated conspir...
National 08:57
The email by the whistleblower, who can now be named as Joe Cauchi, was one of the many pleas he has been making for payment for €50,00...
National 16:06
Nationalist Party accuses Muscat of sitting on Gozo free construction case for several months, says whistleblower himself informed Gozo mini...
National 13:04
Opposition leader Simon Busuttil announces new office for political complaints, accuses government of hypocrisy by not allowing 16-year-olds...
National 10:26
Government had stated that they had learnt of Gozo scam after MaltaToday revelations
Data & Surveys 07:31
Political leaders lose equal points in trust rating
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