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National 17:08

Civil Unions Act published in the government gazette three days after it was approved by parliament.

National 12:15
The outside-development-zone (ODZ) application is now considered as a major test case on the environmental credentials of the new administra...
National 17:11
AD - ‘Step towards decriminalization of drugs for personal use is fine, but warns against loopholes’
National 13:08
Opposition leader accused of ‘insulting’ those who support equal rights for all
National 12:32
263,680 vehicles crossed the channel during the first quarter of this year.
Court & Police 16:21
‘Back-to-back casual substitute’ tries to stop termination of renewed work contract
Travel 13:28
Photographic exhibition of Air Malta’s formative years and original television footage of the airline’s debut take-off form part...
Court & Police 15:16
The owners of a residence in Hamrun claim their right to enjoy their property was violated, when the Civil Court refused to evict their tena...
National 07:25
It was a bad night for Simon Busuttil and Nationalist MPs as they made an inglorious exit from parliament, booed by a liberal crowd after ab...
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