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Court & Police 20:05

26-year-old hunter fined €5,000, handed suspended prison term after admitting to shooting protected White Stork • Police, government say case warrants effective prison term

Court & Police 20:22
Lifeless body of 65-year-old Russian swimmer was lifted out of the water by other swimmers at St George's Bay. 
Business News 14:11
Maltese Cross was selling off clients’ investments and deviating the funds elsewhere, without clients’ consent, to be invested i...
Europe 2014 14:40
MEPs’ triumphalism on EU-Ukraine agreement ignores interests of Eastern Ukrainians and geostrategic and diplomatic impact, says Labour...
Court & Police 17:21
39-year-old Romanian living in Malta handed suspended sentence after admitting to defrauding Oracle Casino out of €35,000 during 13-hou...
Court & Police 14:08
Maltese Cross Financial Services director ‘admitted there was an undeclared €6 million shortfall in clients’ assets,”...
Health 13:45
Opposition MP Claudio Grech says that Mater Dei concrete problems a matter of technical and not political responsibility 
National 12:12
The policy enables registered farmers to knock down buildings built before 1978 to build a dwelling for their needs.  
National 10:52
Under Maltese law, a pregnant employee may start maternity leave four weeks before the expected date of birth, but Pace argued that employer...
National 10:52
Twitter sockpuppet account removed after Vella flags ‘fake account tweeting maliciously’
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15th September 2014
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