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Europe 2014 13:35

Prime Minister unaware that distant relative was member of Senglea family he visited on campaign trail • Opposition leader says individuals close to PL’s core ‘get contacted by ministry’ when medicines are ready for pickup.

Business News 11:11
Structural deficit under Maastricht criteria's 3% ceiling in 2013, Eurostat data officially confirms
National 16:17
Opposition joins environmental opposition to development taking place near Ta’ Hagrat World Heritage Site
Football 07:23
What do Manchester United fans think about the end of David Moyes? 'There was a fear of the unknown. The risk was too big'
National 10:19
Target to cut early school-leavers by half in six years’ time • Government to provide revision classes for those who fail their O...
Environment 12:25
Episode 2 from BBC Springwatch presenter Chris Packham's video documentary on Malta and its spring hunting season
Environment 13:03
Now that you are dead, how do you wish to be disposed of? MEPA has a few new, novel answers
Reporter 07:47
Auxiliary Bishop Charles Scicluna: 'What preoccupies me is the dictatorship of moral relativism, where every idea is given the same weig...
Europe 2014 10:55
PN secretary-general Chris Said takes government to task over “lack of results” in Gozo
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