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National 14:50

Hunters' boss Lino Farrugia takes umbrage at BirdLife's "illegal" possession of illegally shot bird found in Mizieb

National 12:10
Joseph Muscat likens upcoming EU-Africa Summit to the 1989 Bush-Gorbachev Summit, says Malta is once again returning to its roots as br...
National 12:22
Opposition leader Simon Busuttil greeted by fireworks in St Paul’s Bay, says PN can build on local council result and win next general...
Interview 10:00
Tenor laughs off claims that the Maltese are 'some sort of Aryan pure-blood race'
National 15:44
Former home affairs minister Manuel Mallia stands by decision not to resign in the aftermatch of the Sheehan inquiry, remains tight-lipped o...
National 08:00
Paul Abela could face perjury charges into whether he lied under oath when he said he witnessed Sandro Chetcuti assaulting former GRTU direc...
World 09:45
Seismologist says deadly 7.8-magnitude earthquake was a “nightmare waiting to happen,” magnitude 6.7 aftershock reverberates in ...
National 09:00
Elise Billiard argues that governments have only focused on 'superficial fixes' to Paceville, rather than implementing long-standing...
World 10:28
Brother of Tunisian man accused of piloting vessel that killed more than 700 people says 27-year-old was forced by smuggle
World 10:04
More than 1,000 demonstrators march through Baltimore to protest over the death of a young African-American man in police custody.
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