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National 12:53

Discussions to commence after sole bid satisfies evaluation process

Entertainment 13:02
Remake of the popular Mummy movies is rumoured to have picked Malta as at least one of its locations
National 11:15
Malta Hotel and Restaurants Association presidnet Tony Zahra and Nationalist Party leader Simon Busuttil discuss the future of the tourism a...
National 11:41
Service provider says new map can help passengers plan their journeys
National 08:13
MEP highlights differences between the agriculture of Malta and other EU member states
National 17:46
Maltese man tests positive for Zika virus, following trip to South Pacific islands
National 16:51
Shadow minister for justice Jason Azzopardi presents bill for the creation of authority to recommend judges and magistrates after public exp...
World 09:08
Health officials expect to develop vaccine against Zika virus in about a year, after news that a third adult might have died as a result of ...
World 08:35
World powers decide to seek end of hostilities in Syria startong next week • Ceasefire will not apply to fight against IS and al-Nusra
Court & Police 14:31
Commissioner of Police: police examining NAO report to identify “whether there is a legal basis to commence a criminal investigation a...
Masks and masquerades: show us your Carnival
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Hoax calls to emergency line down by half... from 7,000 • Video by Ray Attard
11th February 2016
Carnival draws to an end
10th February 2016
Water sport enthusiasts take to the waves at Golden Bay
10th February 2016
UAE to help Malta develop mobile applications for government services
10th February 2016
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