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With 4.5 million monthly page views and a loyal Maltese audience, advertising on MaltaToday is a sure way to get noticed. We have some of the most competitive rates in the market so get in touch now to find the best advertising solution to meet your needs.

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MaltaToday was first published in 1999 and was fashioned as an alternative to the conservative English-speking press. Its irreverent style has been moulded to appeal to a liberal and educated and AB audience. The newspaper has made a name for itself by settting the agenda. MaltaToday has also been a campaigner on a number of liberal issues, having campaigned for the introduction of divorce and remains firmly behind transparency issues and the banning of hunting of wild birds. Its survey units have revealed public perceptions and pinpointed electoral swings. MaltaToday is published on a Wednesday and a Sunday and offers readers free magazines which include Gourmet Today, Vida, The Architect and Indulge

Illum is a Maltese Sunday newspaper, first published in November 2006. It offers readers a fresh approach to news journalism in Maltese away from the stifling political newspapers. The newspaper completely separate from MaltaToday’s editorial attracts a growing readership of Maltese readers, branded for their interest in social and political issues. Outstanding Maltese intellectuals also contribute to the newspaper on a weekly basis.Illum also has dedicates a unique coverage of local soccer and sports with seven jam-packed reports with pictures from local events. Illum will also launch a separate news portal.

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